Friday, July 11, 2014

Out and About

My second "dry run" hair appointment was Wednesday morning at 10 so we headed into town stopping first at Kara's to throw in a load of laundry.  We had a difficult time getting to the salon because access to it is closed from every available street!  We finally followed a car going through barricades and made it.  Manuveuring the truck through all the barricades, barrels and construction was so difficult that Ted grabbed a cup of coffee from the store next door and came into the salon to wait.  It took less than a half hour, she did a great job and I will see her early the morning of the wedding.

From there we went to the mall to return a Land's End bathing suit I have been messing with.  The first time the bottom fit but the top needed a bigger bust size.  That was not available so I ordered a different one.  When that came I didn't like it so I looked again.  Lo and behold my first choice was now available in the size I needed.  However, the deal was 40% off two pieces so I ordered the bottom a second time.  Finally I had the two pieces I wanted in the size I needed.  We took back the top I didn't like and the second bottom I didn't need.  Whew!  Such a lot of work for a new suit to take on the cruise.

Next stop was the nail salon for pedi, mani and waxing.  So much preparation for the wedding.  It was a very nice salon and soon I was ready for Ted to pick me up.  We went back to Kara's to fold our clothes and then eventually came back to the park.  Stella grilled burgers for dinner and we gave another run at the leftovers before tossing them out.  

It has been chilly at night, requiring a jacket, even when sitting by the fire.  It was 63 inside the trailer this morning and I am wrapped up in my heavy robe.  Thoughts of turning on the fireplace have crossed my mind!  Global warming at its best.

Yesterday Jay accompanied Ted to the gun club.  When they returned we all left for Frankenmuth.  First up was stopping at the outlets in Birch Run.  We stopped in several stores and ended up with 5 tops and 3 pairs of shoes for me as well as two shirts for Ted.  He also bought two food tents to cover food outside.  Lori had them at the pool party and they keep the flies off the food.

Then it was on to Zehnder's for the famous chicken dinner.  We sent Tommy and Susan a photo of their two empty chairs and told them we got a table for six because we were sure they were coming.

The food is always wonderful and this time was no exception.  Afterwards we went to the bakery but they were pretty much cleaned out for the day.  We were hoping to buy something to take with us to Monroe today but no luck.

The flowers are so pretty and here are a few photos.  This is a new fountain and sitting area.

Note the 65 degrees on the thermometer.  This was about 6 pm.

We walked to the platz at the glockenspiel to listen to the oom pah pah music of the group performing.  

The Bavarian Inn is across from Zehnder's. 

If there are horses around, Ted is going to go visit them and take some photos.

It was about 8 when we arrived back at the park.  Ted started the fire and we sat out until 11 before calling it a day.

Today we head to Monroe for the surprise birthday party tomorrow.  There are 18 folks camped in Sterling State Park and three different ones contacted us last evening.  These are all friends from the Rio Grande Valley where we spend time in the winter.  We are not breaking camp for one night and will stay at the Red Roof Inn at the same exit as the park.  We are about 75 miles north.  Tonight will be a party at the campground followed by the party tomorrow afternoon.  We will come home Saturday evening.  We have church and cookie baking on Sunday.

We are one week away from the wedding!

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