Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Cookies Are Done

We went to church at 9 on Sunday so when we got home I fixed French toast and bacon for breakfast,  that way we could skip lunch and have an early dinner.

Laundry had piled up so that is how I spent my Sunday afternoon.  Stella and I shared 3 washers to do 5 loads of clothes spacing it so we got finished at the same time.  The weather was perfect and we spent the downtime sitting on a bench outside the laundry here in the campground.  Ted grilled pork chops while Jay and Stella ate the chicken and rice for dinner that we brought back from Monroe.  We had a fire but didn't stay out too late.

Monday I put a roasting chicken in the crockpot for all of us for dinner.  We went to Romeo to the grocery while Jay and Stella went to Rochester to get their auxiliary tank checked.  When we returned I made baked potatoes, baked apples and gravy while Stella baked a loaf of bread, a coconut pie and some carrots.  Turned out to be a great meal.  Since the Bachelorette came on at 8, we called it a night early.  

Today was cookie day!  Jay and Stella had two sets of friends stopping by to visit so it worked well for us to go into town.  Ted needed a hair cut and we had some banking to do also.  Kara had the dough made so I messaged her we were on our way and to set it out to get soft.  While Ted ran his errands I made 27 dozen cookies using the cookie press.  Kara wanted lavender sprinkles on top and I went through a large bottle of them doing that.  

I had taken a load of laundry with me but forgot to put it in right away.  So we had to wait a bit for it to finish.  Kara had left for the eye doctor so once we were washed, dried and folded we headed home.

We are not needed again now until 11:30 Friday when we will be at the rehearsal followed by a lunch.  Kristin and Larry will arrive Thursday evening and that will be our first chance to see them.  I am still carrying Patrick's birthday card around since we missed his birthday dinner last Monday when I was sick.  I hope I remember to give it to him on Saturday!

They're gettin' married in the morning
Ding-dong the bells are gonna chime
We'll have a whopper, pull out the stopper
Get me to the church on time 

~ My Fair Lady

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