Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our Day at the Lake

The weather was supposed to be rainy Saturday and get even worse on Sunday.  But we ended up with a glorious day at the lake.  The weather held off all day.

This was our first time driving around the lake to Tim and Cindy's new place.  Previously we were always staying with Karen whose cabin is close to the front and we took the boat over.  The road is horrendous!  There were times I wasn't sure our dually truck would make it up some of the hills with the road bed non existent.  But we made it and parked at the top of their drive for fear of not being able to get out.

Their son Brian with pregnant wife Laura and son Jameson were there as well as their pregnant  daughter Amy.  Landon was home building a garage.  Their son Ron, whose wife is expecting twin girls, was not there since Sarah is on bed rest.  They will have 6 grandkids under four by January. 

In the next cove, nephew Dave was down and joined us while nephew Little Dan and family were using Eddie's cabin.  Everyone was out on boats or swimming in the lake.

We arrived just as Tim and Brian had secured a walnut top on the outdoor stone bar.  It was from a tree off their property in Indiana.  They took it to a sawmill to be dried and sawed into planks.  It was beautiful wood. 

The wood all needs to be stained as well as the bartop.  They have accomplished so much but want to do so much more.  Right now there is a contest to name the moose!

Cindy has done a good job decorating in a western motif.  Here is the main bath.  Note the horseshoe toilet roll holders.  I loved the use of real stirrups as hand towel holders.

We visited for awhile and then took a ride on the pontoon boat. There was a concert going on so we headed that way.

It was crowded and the music hadn't started so we continued on our way.  The kids were in a different boat and stayed. 

 We stopped at Tim's sister's place where they were all doing yardwork.  They stopped to visit for awhile and then we headed towards home.  We passed the beach and Jameson in the other boat.

After a wonderful dinner and lots of laughs we headed out about 8:30.  Ted wanted to drive out while it was still light.  Some of those hills you come over are like roller coasters and you can't see the road until you crest.  He would rather not do that in pitch black.  We made it home just in time because as soon as we sat down to watch TV the rain started.

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. ~ Roger Miller

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