Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wearing Me Out

I managed to drive Cassie through downtown Detroit, through the tunnel under the river into Windsor, Canada to the train station.  We left ourselves plenty of time in case Customs was backed up but it wasn't.  So we had time for lunch after we figured out where to go exactly at the train station.

I used my American coins in the parking meter at the restaurant and received a $10 Canadian bill as change at the restaurant.  When I parked at the train station it was $1 in coins for 30 minutes.  My coins were gone so I tried to use my credit card.  Not!  So I used my debit card and it worked.  I didn't think too much about it.

I used the $10 to pay the $4.50 tunnel fee on the way home and saved the Canadian change to use today when I pick her up.

When I arrived home we went to the drug store where my credit card wouldn't work and I once again used my debit card.  So on the way to Rain Forest Cafe for Morgan's birthday dinner, I called Bank of America.  While talking to them, Ted was calling me so I told Kara to call him back.  He wanted me to know the bank called him about the card being used in Michigan.

Long story even longer, they expect me to tell them when I am going to use my card outside of Texas. I always do this when we travel internationally but not within the U.S.  I asked if the attempt of $1 at the train station in Canada caused the red flag but they had no record of that.  They did say the account was used in Texas earlier in the day.  Duh!  There are two people on the account.  We are married not Siamese twins!

They have no idea of how many states we hit in a year.  At approximately $350 per fill up every other day when pulling the trailer, we will be on the phone to them a lot.  Ted will end up annoyed and use his American Express.  I see a rough road ahead.  

With that settled we had dinner and I ordered a drink.   Between driving in the traffic, the currency exchange and the credit card problems I needed one.  It came in a souvenir glass which the kids will enjoy.  The food was good and the kids ate well.

Saturday was bridesmaids, flower girl and mother of the bride dress shopping.  We hit three different bridal salons and have a good idea of what we are all getting.  Coordinating from three states is a bit tricky.  The bridesmaids will be in Eggplant, I think I will be in Teal or Cranberry and Morgan will be in ivory to match Kristin.  The "boys" had gone to see Star Wars in 3-D and ate at McDonald's.

I had a dinner invitation to my former Celanese boss and his wife's home which is a stone's throw from Kara's.  They are Chinese and she is a marvelous cook.  She said we were having an International dinner and it was all great.  Tofu and seaweed Japanese soup, Indian curried chicken over rice, American baked broccoli and celery with cream of mushroom soup, and Middle Eastern pita bread and baklava for dessert.  I enjoyed it all but Ted would not have been as adventuresome as I am.  If you travel you really have to be open to try new things.  Haggis is probably something I would have a problem with but on our European riverboat cruises I have tried all kinds of things.  Mustard soup comes to mind and it was really good.

Today after church I will do the Detroit-tunnel-train station thing again to pick up Cassie from her weekend in Toronto.  Then we move onto the engagement dinner for Kristin and Larry.  My time is passing quickly.  Ted said he came in second place in his class at the tournament yesterday.  I wish him good luck today.  

Say what you want about long dresses, but they cover a multitude of shins.

Mae West

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