Friday, May 24, 2013

An Owl's Diet

Yesterday Kara and I volunteered at Morgan's school to help with the day's science project.  It involved  breaking apart owl pellets (like a cat's hairball) to look for bones.  They were wrapped in foil, about the size of a small egg, and had been sanitized (?) but many of the children were hesitant to break them apart.  Grandma to the rescue!  The skulls and hip bones were neat.  Rats, voles and mice have pretty big front teeth!  It was a fun time.  One little Asian girl had nothing but "dust" when she was finished.  She didn't talk to anyone, just went through everything with a fine tooth comb.  Her bag was filled with bones.  Kara said she will probably have it all mounted and marked on poster board by today.  Maybe a neurosurgeon in the making!  She thoroughly impressed me.

Next stop was Toys R Us for birthday gifts.  I stopped at Kelly's to drop off her card and stopped at CVS to get Ally a card because I was short one granddaughter card.  I had sent Cassie and Ally's gifts before I knew I was coming.  I have part of Sam's and Morgan's with me and Kelly received a check for their cruise.  All these birthdays at once!  I think I have what I need now.

Then we went to Al Ameer and Sharita in Dearborn.  This city has the largest Middle Eastern population outside of the Middle East.  All the business signs are unreadable to me with their unfamiliar squiggles but the food was very good at Al Ameer.  The chicken was scrumptious and the pastries at Sharita were mind boggling.  It was like a German konditorie or French patisserie.  I may have done major damage in the weight department.

Today I am driving Cassie to the Windsor train station for her trip to Toronto.  Tonight we are having dinner at the Rainforest Cafe for Morgan's birthday dinner.  Food, food and more food!

We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.
Adelle Davis
(1904 - 1974)  

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