Saturday, May 18, 2013

Half Way Through The Busy Part That Just Got Busier

I had the easy job on Monday.  My windows were washed inside and out plus the driveway and walk were power washed while I played Canasta.  With our natural area out front making a comeback and the deck done, the outside is back in shape.  We thought about getting the trim painted but it really isn't showing signs of needing it, so for now we aren't doing that.

I worked my regular four hours at the thrift store this week.  It was one of those overwhelming days. Housewares had invaded our space over the weekend and I had little area to work.  And then we received two vans full of donations.  We could hardly move!  When the young folks from the church came and started working on Housewares and putting the children's clothes I had inspected, tagged and hung, out into the store, I had a little breathing room.   The four of us didn't feel like we accomplished much.  That's just the way it is on some days.

Ted had his scheduled colonoscopy and all is good.  We are done now (hopefully!) for the rest of the year. In the fall I will get my six month blood work for my cholesterol medicine and one trip to the dentist for a six month cleaning.  All we need to do is stay well and upright.  So many people we know have hurt their shoulders, elbows, wrists, arms, ankles and feet from falling!

Thursday we picked our niece up at the airport at noon to attend her father's surprise birthday party. I knew she would be hungry since the airlines don't feed you anymore so we stopped at Old Town Spring, not far from the airport, for lunch.  We walked around a bit and then made our way home so she could rest.

The party was a dual 70th celebration for Terry and another friend, John.  Both thought it was for the other and the element of surprise worked. The room was all decorated in red and black.  I brought the centerpiece home but the balloons lost their oomph before I remembered to get them out of the back of the car.  But here is an idea of what it looked like.  It was a nice evening and we were glad to help by getting Karen there to add to the surprise.

Last night six of us had dinner out and attended the production of Grease that is part of our theater series. The cast was all kids from surrounding schools except for the teacher.  It was an energetic, fun evening and we all had a good time.  I was able to pick up next season's tickets at the box office.  We will miss Matchmaker in the summer.  I donated those tickets and a dinner gift certificate to our Junior Forum gala this year for the silent auction.

I have five busy days left and then I am flying to Michigan on Thursday for the Memorial Day weekend.  There are engagement festivities planned for Kristin and Larry who will be visiting from Florida.  More on that later.

Before we left last night we received a call from our daughter Kelly. Her father-in-law passed away late afternoon after a very long illness.  Ed was 88 and fought long and hard for the past 12 years.  He was in a wheelchair but there wasn't one thing our grandchildren did or were involved in that he wasn't there.  His wife Lou was his caregiver until just the last few months.  She is 82 and her stamina and ability to care for him was amazing.  They were married 62 years.  Rest in peace, Ed, you were loved by many and will be missed.

2 Timothy 4:7    I have fought the good fight.  I have finished my course.  I have kept the faith.

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Carol said...

So sorry for your loss Donna - your family are in our prayers.