Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hanging with the Birthday Crowd

Monday was double duty - bunco in the morning and Shanghai in the afternoon.  Didn't win at either! 

I had changed my plane ticket to arrive in Michigan on Tuesday instead of Thursday so I could attend Ed's funeral.  Thank you Delta for charging me $150 to make my own two clicks on the computer to change the date.  I have never made $75 a second and wonder how you lose money at that rate.  

So Ted took me to the airport and I had a pleasant enough trip.  No hassle at security.  But then I know not to wear sparkles, jewelry, belts or tie shoes.  I slipped off my shoes, placed my quart bag with all my liquids in the bin along with my watch and purse then sailed through.  

Just as we were landing I felt a migraine coming on.  We waited for a jetway driver for some time so by the time I got to a place in the terminal to buy aspirin, my headache had really taken hold.  Never mind the $6+ for 4 aspirin tablets and a Coke.  The travel gods were out to get as much as they could out of me.

Detroit Metro is a good place to train for a marathon.  Whoever decided to build two parallel mile long terminals was a sadist.  I walked a long, long way and went down, then up, then down on escalators to finally arrive at the car rental bus.  My head was easing up but not entirely while I waited in line for a car.  Long story short, I landed at 4 and left the airport at 5:30 and didn't wait for luggage.

Despite the time, there were only a few slowdowns and I arrived at the funeral home in plenty of time for the evening service.  When it was over I had a bite to eat then drove to Kara's.  After a good night's sleep we got the kids off to school and went to the funeral Mass.  It was at the parish we belonged to for 16 years and I saw many folks that still attend.

Ed had an honor guard from the Knights of Columbus, his wife, 3 sons and 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren to return him to Our Lord.  He also had full military honors at the cemetery.  My only problem was when the funeral director told me to put on my bright lights and flashers.  Good thing I had time because it took me awhile to find those switches.  There was a nice lunch afterwards, a job I did when I was a member.

When we came home Kara made cupcakes for Morgan's school party.  Morgan, Bill and I iced them and Kara delivered them to school this morning.  We are due back there to do something with owl droppings or regurgitations or something!!  Wish me luck on this one.  Science was my least favorite subject in school.

Kelly and Pat leave tomorrow for their Hawaiian cruise in honor of their 25th anniversary.  I am taking Cassie to the Windsor train station for a weekend in Toronto.  It is Morgan and Ally's birthday and Kelly's is Saturday.  Lots going on this Memorial Day weekend. 

May 25, 1981 ~ Ronald Reagan

Today, the United States stands as a beacon of liberty and democratic strength before the community of nations. We are resolved to stand firm against those who would destroy the freedoms we cherish. We are determined to achieve an enduring peace -- a peace with liberty and with honor. This determination, this resolve, is the highest tribute we can pay to the many who have fallen in the service of our Nation.


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Carol said...

I feel your pain - when I flew down and back to Juneau I had to change planes in Detroit. I didn't think I would EVER reach my gate. Also, the rates that airlines charge to change your flight plans (what happened to the special compensation they are suppose to give for funerals/deaths - I had the same problem when my brother passed - they charged me close to $500 to change my flight plans - you are caught between a rock and a hard place. You don't have any choice and have to pay what they want) Hope the rest of your trip will be better.