Monday, May 13, 2013

The Home Stretch of May

I was up and out by 8:15 on Friday morning to attend the Junior Forum Installation Luncheon.  This is the most fun program we have all year.  The skit they do to install the new president and board is always so creative and entertaining.  But it is why our luncheon starts at 9:30 a.m.!  I drove to Judy's and then she drove to Gail's so we could all ride together.  We had 160 women and that's a lot of chattering going on.  Judy and I found seats and Gail was seated at the Provisional table and we didn't see her again until the end.  Lunch was very good (did you notice I hardly ever complain about food, especially when someone else has fixed it?), the program was sensational and our year is ending on a high note.

It was 2:30 before I returned home and by 5:30 we had moved on to a birthday celebration for a dear friend.  His daughter was in for the party and it was a delight to see her.  Their yard backs to the golf course and it was so pleasant sitting outside listening to just the birds and enjoying the beautiful plants and fairway.  The weather was just perfect.  It was a nice ending to a long day.

I redeemed myself big time in the Shanghai department on Saturday.  We went to Gerre and Barry's to sub in their group and I went out 5 of the 6 hands but ended up in second place.  The one time I didn't go out, I also didn't get down and had a handful of face cards which upped my score.  It soothed my ruffle feathers from my performance on Tuesday when I was wondering if I really knew how to play!  My 500+ score on that day was the highest out of almost 50 women!  We stayed after everyone left to visit with Gerre and Barry since we haven't seen our hosts for some time.  Their new pool, patio, outside bar and kitchen turned out beautifully.  It also was very serene and we ate outside before playing began.  Our spring has been spectacular this year.

We went to church on Mother's Day and after an unsuccessful attempt at eating breakfast out, we came home and Ted made pancakes and bacon for me and him.  He had offered to take me to dinner but the restaurants are always so busy that I told him to grill the filet mignons he had purchased at the store and that would be fine for dinner.  We eat out often and I would rather go when things are less hectic.

My best treat was the Survivor Finale.  I love my reality TV and to have the entire evening filled with their final show of the season was most enjoyable for me.  The four people at the end were not "bad guys" so I didn't know how it would go.  But the winner was a unanimous decision and I thought a good one.  I am SO easily entertained!

I hope all you mothers had a wonderful day with your families yesterday.  Living away from everyone it is hard to celebrate holidays but we have been doing it for years now and it doesn't make it any easier.  We just have to be sure to make the time we are together very special.

I have 10 busy days in a row coming up.  Most of it is fun stuff but I am working the thrift shop twice, Ted is having his colonoscopy and we are having the windows washed and the driveway power washed.  That should keep me out of trouble at least until Memorial Day.  Ted is flying to Virginia that day so our plans for the holiday probably won't be much but such is life.

The distance between us may be miles and years but it will not change the fact I hope you are missing me too. ~ Tammi Post

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