Saturday, February 18, 2012

Keeping Busy

Wednesday we went to the Don-Wes flea and produce market. I wanted to get two rugs for in front of our chairs. We seem to drag so much dirt in on our shoes and then sit down in the recliners where we get the rug so dirty. We found those, bought some fruit and vegetables and headed back to the park. A couple stopped us in the parking lot to ask about our truck and we had the nicest conversation with them. They are staying at the park down the street from ours.

We were due at the Margarita party in the clubhouse but decided at the last minute to go eat at the Riverside Club. We sat overlooking the Rio Grande River with Mexico on the opposite bank. There are picnic tables on the deck to sit at and we had a nice visit with two other couples visiting here too. There is live music all afternoon and a dance floor. It was a pleasant afternoon and meal.

Dave and Karen signed us up for the luau so Thursday we went looking for something to wear. We have a lot that would work at home but that isn't helping us here. So back to our newly found store for a look. I found a blue and white muu-muu, actually made in Hawaii, so now I'll need to find a lei. No luck for Ted but he did get a few more $28 shirts for $3.50. We decided to try the ropa usada. Now finding an Aloha shirt, in his size, in an 8 foot mountain of clothes seemed like a long shot. I walked the perimeter looking for bright colors. I asked a lady sitting on the pile sorting and she pulled out one but it was just size Large. I climbed up a bit and finally asked another couple who said they hadn't seen anything like that. My next comment was "I would need St. Anthony to find that for me." I looked down and there was a black shirt with brown and green palm trees all over it ... in size 3X! I took it to Ted and he slipped it on and it fit. It is rayon, probably got washed and shrunk and is why it was in the pile. He said if I would wash it and iron it with starch he would wear it. Cost - 21 cents along with a scarf and potholder. It still isn't as good as the brand new Tommy Bahama I found last year for $3 but it will work.

Friday was a double birthday celebration for two of the folks here in the park. We met at Pappadeux with 20 other people to celebrate. The restaurtant is celebrating Mardi Gras so everyone received beads and we had a good time along with good food. We are now invited to a Mardi Gras party on Wednesday, a German sauerkraut cookout on Saturday and the luau on Sunday. I decided on red beans and rice with sausage for the Mardi Gras party, hot bacon slaw for the German dinner and ham wrapped pineapple chunks stuck into a whole pineapple for the luau. It's nice just fixing one dish and getting to eat a whole meal for your effort.

We need to make another run to Mexico, have the rig washed and wax, have the carpets cleaned and meet Dee and Mel for lunch at Gonzales Burgers. I best be getting the calendar in order since time is passing quickly.

A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours. ~ John B. Priestly

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Carol said...

As usual - you are busy, busy, busy! Just continue to have fun!