Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conventional Church ... Sort Of

We went to 5:30 Mass Saturday instead of 4:00 to see if it was less crowded. It was, but the presider was not Fr. Roy. There was no country western music, no animals, but the strangest part was this other priest skipped things during Mass. After the gospel we usually stand to recite the Creed. Nope ... moving on! He skipped a lot of the prayers in the Consecration and before you know it, Mass was over. Fr. Roy did appear to hand out Hershey kisses to everyone. OK, back to 4:00 next week I suppose.

It rained all day Sunday. To keep from being cooped up all day we ordered tickets to see an I Love Lucy show. There was a BIG crowd of several hundred to see this performance. The gal did a great job as Lucy looking and sounding just like her. She had the mannerisms down pat too.

Ricky was decent enough but not quite as good with the vocals. The show itself was weak in my estimation. I think this is because there isn't a joke or punch line that Lucy delivered that most all of us don't know. It was OK but not one I would tell people not to miss.

SUNSHINE made an appearance on Monday. It was our day to meet the HitchHiker owners for the monthly luncheon. We saw several of our Haulin' HitchHiker friends and had a great time. We talked about our rally scheduled for Michigan in August at Manistee.

We stopped at HEB on the way home because we were invited to a birthday celebration across the street from our lot and needed something to prepare.

This was no appetizer/finger food outing. There were ribs, goat cheese pizzas, wings, chicken casserole, meatballs. I'm glad I made BBQ smoked sausage pieces and didn't take chips and salsa! We had a nice visit with the folks we know and met a few others we didn't. This is a friendly park. Some parks down here that have a lot of "permanent residents" aren't. You get the feeling that they resent your intrusion into "their" park.

Today Ted washed the truck, we walked around the perimeter of the park and I did two loads of laundry. At 4:30 we went to the Wine Tasting at the clubhouse. My favorite was the choco-wine. How appropriate for Valentine's Day. There was a chocolate fountain for dessert in addition to all the food brought by individuals. Ted and I stopped the Schwann truck this afternoon and bought four different appetizers since it seems we need to provide one frequently. The spinach/artichoke mini bowls I made for today were well received.

We've been here almost two weeks and the time is going by quickly. We still have several things we want to do and hopefully the warm weather and sunshine will stay and we'll accomplish all of that.

The human spirit needs to accomplish, to achieve, to triumph to be happy. - Ben Stein

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