Thursday, February 9, 2012

Days 6-8 Rain, Rain and More Rain

This is what I get for bragging on Facebook that it was 80 and sunny when we arrived. And to make matters worse, those down here are accusing us of bringing this weather!

We stayed in on Tuesday and it was pleasant listening to the rain on the roof and especially the slides when we sleep. Between my Kindle, the cable TV and the laptop, there's plenty to keep us from getting bored.

Wednesday was rain off and on but Ted was able to get his shooting in. We've also had times when we can do our walk around the perimeter and stop and talk to folks. Ted borrowed one of the parks' bikes and road around for awhile.

Last night we went to the Margarita happy hour at the clubhouse and sat with some folks from North Carolina, Kansas and Ontario. There were all kinds of appetizers, even some soup, and all the frozen Margaritas you could drink.

Today it hasn't stopped raining at all. We're going to take a ride down towards Hidalgo to the ropas. There are ropa nuevos (new clothes) and ropa usadas (used clothes). Karen said she'll go to the nuevo ropas but not the usada ropas! I'll miss Stella because she and I have the best time just rooting around through used and new. Ted has a new Tommy Bahama shirt (tags still on) that I paid $3 for. I have a pair of lined wool Ralph Lauren slacks I paid 60 cents for. I don't buy a lot, just great bargains when I find them, but it's so much fun to see a mountain of clothes and people climbing all over it. But today with Karen I'll be limited to the stuff hanging on racks.

Another park we stayed in a couple years back has a fashion show each year. The ladies must buy all their clothing at the ropa usadas. I think they tell how much the entire ensemble cost. Once two ladies found a silver fox and a full length mink coat. At 45 cents a pound, they were a real hit in the show.

Such is life in the Rio Grande Valley ... with or without the rain.

Shopping tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents at the bowling alley. ~ Author Unknown

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Carol said...

You can get clothes as my "ropas usadas" (or,as we like to call it in Florida, my garage sale)pretty cheap! And, just to make you feel at home, it's raining this afternoon! LOL! Sounds like you're having fun as usual. Hang in there, the weather will clear up soon!