Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chris is in Clover

We've been home for a month and Chris is anxious for us to be on our way. I know it isn't fun living with your parents as an adult and we're very grateful to have Chris as our housesitter. He's always so anxious to come! Tomorrow starts a whole month for him.

Sunday was a relaxing day but Monday was a bit busier. When Rebecca came to clean on Friday, she said the bathroom rug in the guest bath was wet. I called Rick, the plumber, and he said he would come Monday. We turned off the water and just didn't use that bathroom. We needed a new ring where the toilet sits in the floor and it was fixed in no time on Monday. Ted picked up Kelly and Pat around 2 pm and as soon as they got to the house, I had to leave for the dentist. After grinding the partial down a bit to get my bite more in line, I was back home in time to leave for Terry & Carol's. She had invited us all to dinner. We had a swell time visiting with them, at the dining room table, as the family always does. The kids were so glad to see them.

The weather was rainy on Tuesday but we had tickets to see the King Tut exhibit at the museum so we drove downtown and parked in a garage that allowed us to make our way through tunnels to the museum. We all enjoyed the exhibit and it is amazing how much people have learned about the Egyptian civilization 5,000 years ago. Afterwards we had dinner at the Mexican restaurant out the road from our house. The kids really enjoyed the authenticity of the place and the excellent food.

Today was beautiful but Pat & Kelly had to leave for home. We had the morning together and just spent the time visiting. They worked on some things from their weekend training and Pat had a work phone call but for the most part it was pretty laid back.

We dropped them off at the airport and are getting our things together to leave tomorrow. We'll drive to Victoria, spend the night and then drive into Mission on Friday. Jay & Stella and Dave & Karen are awaiting our arrival. I'm looking forward to a month of not having to be anywhere at any particular time for any reason!

Next time will be "notes from the road" as we make our way to the Rio Grande Valley.


Every winter, starting about 1950 many so-called “Winter Texans” have come to enjoy the Valley’s South Texas weather. These folks come from the states north of Texas and Canada. Their numbers have increased every year and as a result they now make a tremendous impact on the local economy. We hear them talk among themselves of the bad weather being experienced at their home. They are easy to spot dressed in their shorts and T-shirts. While us natives wear our jeans, long sleeved shirts and jackets when the north wind occasionally blows into the Valley. Obviously the weather is the first reason they choose the Valley. It is a fact that if these visitors collectively sang, they could sing, “I’ve been everywhere – crossed the deserts bare – I’ve breathed the mountain air – of travel I’ve had my share – I’ve been everywhere” and really mean it. I believe they choose to come to the Rio Grande Valley also because of us Texans. Winter Texans understand that Texans get along just fine when left alone.

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Carol said...

Have fun! Dan is getting "hitch itch" BAD! I have to admit that I have it too - we are hoping to be able to take some trip soon - back to the doctor on Friday - that will tell us a lot! Enjoy and drive carefully.