Saturday, February 4, 2012

Days 1-4

We had an uneventful trip to Victoria on Thursday and were set up by 2 p.m. Dave called us before we were an hour on the road and Stella called to be sure we had arrived safely at our destination. Stella also said she got tickets to see the Link Family at our park on Friday and Dave signed us up for the Super Bowl Party on Sunday. It's so nice to have a welcoming party looking out for us.

When we were less than an hour from Mission, Jay texted that we were invited to a cookout with their Heartland friends. Of course we accepted. So we had an agenda.

We pulled into site 418, right across from Dave and Karen. Perfect! And we are right near the clubhouse. We couldn't have picked out a more convenient site. Karen told me to come over as soon as I was settled. She and I had a pomegranate martini while Ted visited with the fellows out in the casita that is on their site.

At 4:30, Jay and Stella picked us up and we went to Jim's over in Retama Village. Kathy, who we know, was there and two other couples we didn't know but met and enjoyed their company. We had a a nice cookout and visit. A little before 7:00 we left to return to our clubhouse to see the Link Family show. We've seen this group before and enjoy them. Friday night was no different. Having an entertainer in the family is great, having the whole family involved is amazing.

Saturday we picked up Jay and Stella and went to Furr's for breakfast. We intended to go on to the Don-Wes produce market afterwards. The weather was iffy and Ted received a call that the shooters wanted to leave early so we brought Ted back to get his truck and then the three of us continued back to the market.

My best find was wild rice from Minnesota. We bought a BIG bag in Minnesota summer before last and I recently used the last of it. The only place I can find it at home is a very small box at Kroger's. There are lots of mixtures, boxes, etc. but no plain wild rice. So I was happy to buy two bags. I also bought grapefruit and a pineapple. I didn't buy too much because I wanted to be sure Ted would bring me back next week.

Attending church here is still a hoot. Hank Williams' Oh Lonesome Me was the entrance song. I counted three dogs this time. It was once again the celebration of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Simon and Anna were all part of the small play but no donkey this year. However, when Father was reading the gospel while the actors silently did their acting, he said "and Jesus, Mary and Joseph came to the temple." And then one of the dogs barked. So Fr. Roy started again, "and Jesus, Mary, Joseph and their dog came to the temple." Everyone laughed long and loud. When Anna didn't appear on time, Fr. Roy asked "what happened to Anna." She appeared and at the end of the "play" Fr. Roy said Anna was 84 years old (according to the Bible) and it just took her awhile to get to the temple.

We so enjoy attending church at Our Lady of Guadalupe while here in the valley. There is always something non-conventional happening.

We came home, made a pot of chili and watched War Horse on DVD that David and Karen lent us.

Today is cold and rainy and the Super Bowl shindig starts at 5:00. So we've been inside but are heading out to the store.

Catch you later.

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