Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hey Chris, Can You Spare a Few More Days

Well, just to make sure we gather no moss, we are leaving here a day early. We need to get home on Saturday to have Sunday to prepare to leave on Monday! Ted has an appointment at the Port Charlotte paper and The Villages paper on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the week after we get back.

My father lives in Punta Gorda and we haven't seen him in a year and a half so I decided to go with Ted. I'll also see my sister Laurie and her husband Spence. Then we'll move on to Orlando and see our daughter Kristin and my good friend Eileen. It will be a quick trip but very worthwhile. We need to take these opportunities when they present themselves.

Ted shot in a tournament yesterday in 40-50 mph winds. He won his class in 12 and 20 gauge and came in third overall. If you subscribe to Skeet Shooter, look for his name in the winner's box.

I spent the day working on my family tree. My great-grandfather had three children, one of which was my maternal grandmother. I have two of these three children's families done and am at 273 people. The third sibling had five children and the last time I did the tree they had 40 people so I know I'm going to hit 300+ people. I can't wait to see it all printed out on a banner printer.

Today we attended Mass at the Basilica in San Juan. It was chaotic! It was half Spanish and half English. When the priest spoke one language, the other was on a screen. Until we got to the sermon. It was 99% Spanish with a few English sentences thrown in. By the time I realized he was speaking English he was back to Spanish! At Communion, there was no rhyme or reason to get in line, just a mad dash with three lines approaching the ministers. That was coupled with the exodus in the other direction for the door. I think we'll go see Fr. Roy again next week. The mariachi music was terrific and the shrine is absolutely gorgeous but it's too far and too busy for me.

Afterwards we went to Furr's Buffet for lunch. Another crowd! There was a line out the door the entire time we were there. Then we went to the party store to get leis, napkins, centerpiece, etc. for the luau. Last stop was HEB because I need the ingredients to make the red beans, sausage and rice on Tuesday.

Tonight was pizza night at the clubhouse. We went over at 5:00 and sat with our friends but there was a program at 6:00 followed by a movie Mama Mia at 7:00 so no one in our group stayed long. Amazing Race started at 7:00 and without a DVR, I NEEDED to be back in time. And so another season begins. So did Survivor last Wednesday.

Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television. ~ Woody Allen

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Carol said...

If you get a chance, when you are down Florida way let us know - maybe we can get together for a meal - even if it is a quick get together at the interstate (again!- LOL) Would love to see you both!