Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Success, We're In Cincinnati

We were up early and had breakfast at the motel then went to the dealership to check on the truck. The fellow was out with it so we went to check on a campground nearby just in case we had to spend another night. We were prepared to have Good Sam bring the trailer down to Clinton if necessary.

When we arrived at the dealership the second time, Brad was sitting in it with his computer. He said everything was checking out OK. He had put a new hose on and had two others check it to be sure it was as it should be. He said he had no idea why the first or second one failed. We were hoping the third time was a charm. He also blew out the exhaust and did a regen which burns off the carbon emissions.

He drove the truck 20 miles to the Pilot station with the computer hooked up the entire time. We hooked up and Ted drove it back to Clinton, again with the computer on. Everything checked out, the truck performed fine so we felt it was OK to tackle the mountain we had to cross from where we were into Kentucky, commonly called Jellico Mtn.

Brad told Ted to keep the boost gauge between 1/2 and 3/4 which he did on the climbs. If it started going up, he backed off and brought it where he was told to keep it. We stopped for fuel in Corbin, KY (home of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel Sanders) and then continued on in to Cincinnati.

Of course we had to have LaRosa's pizza, buy beer so we don't have to deal with Michigan's 10 cent deposit, filled up again and came home to do laundry.

Not all that exciting but yesterday was exciting enough. It's been a bad week for RVers. Marilyn and Ed, friends of friends who travel full time and write a blog Ted follows, lost their Mobile Suites in a fire. A wheel bearing froze up, drug the tire until it burst into flames. The small extinguisher he had and the 500 gallons the fire department brought to the scene couldn't put it out. That was a major loss for them since this was their home. No one was hurt and that's always the most important thing. Tommy's A/C went out on his motorhome and had to be replaced. Jay is waiting for us in Michigan with a parked trailer with a flat tire. He and Ted will get that taken care of once we arrive. All in all, our hose was a mere inconvenience.

A little perspective, like a little humor, goes a long way. ~ Allen Klein


jillquilts said...

Glad you made it here safely! I know that you are moving right along to MI so let me know when you are coming back through! :)

Carol said...

Wow! It just makes me realize how very "lucky" Dan and I were when we were full timing that the only problems we had was the little problem with the truck and the one tire issue! Hope everything works out for your friends - hope they have good insurance! Glad you guys are okay and are back on the road!