Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Another Day

We sure do sleep well in this cool overnight weather. It was 64 inside the trailer this morning. I put on my fleece robe and slippers and curled up with a cup of coffee until Ted woke up.

This morning I finished up all the accounting for the reunion. I completed the spreadsheet with all the personal info for the attendees, the amounts paid out and the money taken in. All the bills had been paid so I wrote a check for the difference, gathered it all together and put it in an envelope for Charles who is in charge of the 2013 reunion.

I had a few cards to write out and also some bills to pay. I did it all by computer, moving money around and took care of all of that. Eventually it was all done and I felt as if I had a handle on things again. I'm loving my Verizon Mi-Fi that gives me secure internet wherever we are.

Jay came over about 9:30 to get Ted to help with the tire. Ted had just gotten up but pulled on his shorts and went over. Jay was hooked up and Ted put our ramp in front of the tire for Jay to drive up on. They still had to use the jack but it didn't have to raise the trailer far. They had trouble with one lug nut but had it off quickly. They took it to Wal-Mart to have it fixed. There was a nail in it.

Stella couldn't go into her trailer because it was up on the jack so she spent the morning with me. We took a walk around the campground to get our bearings. We are in a loop we've never stayed in before and we were all turned around.

Jay and Ted returned and could not lift the tire and hold the wheel at the same time. The posts kept spinning so Ted crawled under to hold it but then Jay couldn't lift the tire alone. A fellow had pulled in next to us and I went to ask him if he would help a couple of old guys put a tire on. He asked me "how old?" I said "old enough to be married to me" and he said ... are you ready? ... They can't be too old because you can't be!! Made my whole summer.

Emil came over and saw what needed to be done, sat down sort of Indian style using his legs and feet to lift the tire while guiding it on. 1,2,3 and it was done! My hero. They tightened the lug nuts, let the jack down and Jay drove off the ramp and got things back as they should be.

Some of the sockets had to be returned so Jay and Stella took off. We left for Rochester where I got a hair cut and Ted went to the post office to mail what I had done in the morning. Then he went to Hollywood Supermarket for things for tomorrow when the kids come out.

We came home and I made a chocolate cake for tomorrow and put a pork tenderloin in the oven. We had dinner and then started a campfire and we sat out until the news came on. I had to wear a windbreaker again because it gets so cool at night. Jay went home before we came in so I gave Ted our battery lantern so he could walk Stella home. It's really dark in the campground with very little light. That boa constrictor is still loose and I didn't want it to get her!


Carol said...

Sounds heavenly! I'm just looking forward to getting the house finished, but I would love to take a trip to MI soon! Enjoy!

Barbara said...

Almost 10:00 at night and it is 86 degrees in Columbus, TX.

Glad you are having a "cool" 4th of July!