Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gettin' Antsy

Keeping this week relatively quiet has only increased my desire to get on the road. Ted plugged in the trailer yesterday and will start taking some things out to it today. We can put groceries and refrigerated things away and lay our hanging clothes across the bed. That's about all we can do with the slides closed. Rebecca will clean tomorrow and Ted will pull the RV to Rayford. Once he gets set up and the slides open, I'll start taking carloads to the campground and put things in their proper place. And no doubt Ted will want to wash it. We are looking forward to getting out of the 100+ degree heat.

The reunion things are ready to go into the RV, the bills have been paid except for the catered dinner scheduled for Saturday evening. It will be a hefty bill so I'll charge it and pay the bill later. I'm praying for good weather and safe travels for everyone. It should be a real nice time.

Chris is Rebecca's brother-in-law so they go back and forth about what he is allowed and not allowed to do in our absence since she will start cleaning for us again when we return. If he doesn't keep things up, it makes it hard on her. They are sort of a checks and balance for me.

We did keep Tucker this past week while my friend Gerre went on a trip. He is absolutely no bother and took to me, instead of Ted, which is unusual. The dogs usually all love Ted but Tucker was next to me all the time. I kept looking for him yesterday because I got so used to him being right there wherever I was. He is such a cutie.

I used my time this week to get my nails done and my hair colored and I went to Coffee & Chit Chat on Tuesday to say goodbye to friends before we take off. That evening I went to the gun club with Ted for their final banquet of the season. He only came in third this time but he still gets another trophy. The sun is just at the right spot this time of year and losing targets in the sun is a big problem. It was nice to meet some more folks that Ted spends so much time with.

We are having dinner tonight with Terry & Carol before we leave tomorrow. They have a big summer planned taking all 19 of their family (kids and grandkids) on a cruise out of Galveston. What a great time that will be.

We did finalize our plans for April in Paris next year. We will fly to Nice, stay overnight in a hotel, then transfer to the ship for a 7 day river cruise. Afterwards we spend 3 nights at a hotel in Paris. Then we breakaway from the tour for an additional 3 nights on the Left Bank that will include a full day for a train ride to Caen and a tour of Normandy. It will be a great way to celebrate our 47th anniversary.

It's been a rough week for our friends. Yesterday a friend had a mastectomy, next Thursday another friend has surgery for colon cancer and the Tuesday after our reunion, a family member is having a mastectomy. Saturday we have a funeral to attend for the husband of a friend who died a few years ago. He is elderly and had been on dialysis for as long as we've known him. He just decided he wasn't going to do that anymore. It was his decision and his family respected that.

RIP Dave, you were one of the good guys. Give Elmira a hug from us.

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Rick and Brenda said...

Ya'll have a safe trip. I know how it is to get antsy, as we are heading to Reed Point, MT today.