Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lebanon instead of Crossville in Tennessee

We left this morning around 8:45 so the rush hour traffic would be over in Memphis. As soon as we cross the bridge we are in Memphis so we give ourselves a later start. We drove to around exit 113 on I-40 in a couple hours and just as we crested a rise in the road, there was a semi across both lanes. There was only one semi in front of us so this had just happened. An SUV pulling a utility trailer lost control of it. The semi attempted to go around the swaying vehicle, had his load of beer shift, and over he went right in front of the pick-up. Luckily no one was hurt but it was a miracle. The SUV was smashed in half!

We sat for 3.5 hours waiting for the vehicles to be cleared away. The weather wasn't hot so that wasn't a problem. I went to the trailer, used the bathroom, made myself a PB&J sandwich with a glass of milk and turned on my Kindle. Ted was out chatting up the truck drivers. He came in and made himself and his new friend ham sandwiches!

Ironically, a few years back on the same stretch we were stopped for a couple hours in 96 degree weather when a Samuel Adams truck heading west, crossed the median and ended up across the eastbound lanes. I'm going to pay closer attention to beer trucks in our vicinity.

This delay put us in Nashville during their rush hour and we had to navigate the 40/65/24 Malfunction Junction! But we made it and stopped about 30 miles east of Nashville. Our destination of Crossville was 100 miles down the road. It had started raining and was 5 o'clock. Ted was ready to get off the road.

We are parked for the night, have had dinner and will do the last 191 miles of our trip tomorrow. I hope there is no more excitement. Today was enough. We haven't eaten out yet since we left Houston but tomorrow may just be the day we decide to do just that!

"It is easier to stay out than get out.” ~ Mark Twain quote

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Carol said...

Glad all turned out well - just be safe!