Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cancer Sucks ... Just Saying

I now have five people in my first tier of prayer. They all have cancer and I refuse to choose places for them so they are all #1. There is a relative with breast cancer, three lady friends with cervical, colon and breast cancer and a fellow with lung cancer. I hate this part of growing older. I'm grateful that we live near the largest medical center in the world that includes M D Anderson but I do wish so many people didn't need their services.

I stayed home Sunday afternoon while Ted went shooting and played Canasta on Monday. It rained again. Not very long but pretty hard. Gerre's bird bath filled up with water. We probably need a hurricane to make a dent in this drought.

I had lunch with Ann today before shopping for a wedding present I need to take to Ohio with us, along with two baby presents and a graduation present. We are going to be loaded down with all of that plus the goody bag items for the family reunion. You'll probably hear Ted holler no matter where you are.

Please remember my family and friends in your prayers. I'm sure you have your own crosses to bear but if we all "gather in His name" He has promised to be with us.

Because where two or three have come together in my name, I am there among them." ~ Matthew 18:20

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Carol said...

In my prayers!