Sunday, June 5, 2011

Still Catching My Breath

It sure takes longer to "catch up" now than it did in years gone by. My four day walking marathon through Disney and the hour time change still has me reeling. I think my sleep bank is screwed up!

The reason I came home on such an early flight Wednesday was because I had a 1:30 appt. to take Teri to the eyebrow lady. We made our way there and Teri has decided to wait until cooler temps because she plays tennis and sweating could impair the color staying or even boost the chance for infection. Emily touched me up some and we were on our way back home.

Thursday was Continental Breakfast which I co-chair even though most of the time I don't even show up! Connie had a nice crowd and afterwards Gerre, Michelle and I had a salad at Cafe Express and then went to the movies to see Jumping The Broom. At first I thought it was the black version of Meet The Fockers but it ended up being pretty good. Michelle is getting married this month and both movies we have taken her to were about weddings. It wasn't planned, it just happened.

Gerre has a lake house and they are wanting to sell it and buy a bigger one. She had some listings to see but was hesitant to meet an unknown male realtor by herself so she asked me to go along on Friday. The first house was obviously a weekend house with lots of minor repairs needed and "less than the best" in furnishings but it was OK overall. The second house was a keeper! We both fell in love with it. The third one was a sorry state of affairs. It had new beige paint and beige carpet. That's about all you could say for it. I told Gerre "someone put lipstick on this pig." The realtor and Gerre agreed She asked for some more info on the second house and HOA regulations. Barry returns Tuesday so they will be going to take a look at House #2 then. I've already picked out my bedroom!

We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel, Gerre's treat, and then went to a new kennel to check it out for Tucker when they go away. There have been problems at the one close to us so she is changing. I told her we will keep him next week while they are gone. But they are going away in July when we aren't available so we went ahead and checked out the new place. We were both impressed and Tucker will like it there. He's a cute little Yorkie and no trouble at all. Ted really enjoys when we keep other's dogs. Sort of like grandparenting.

We have been waiting for Tommy and Susan to come back to the campground so we could take them out for dinner. They are close by for the month of June so we picked them up last night and we all went to Salt Grass Steakhouse. They are good friends and Tommy is the photographer who came to the 50th anniversary brunch, took oodles of pictures, made copies of everything anyone wanted ... and then would not charge me. I'm so proud to have such loving and giving friends. Dinner was the least we could do. We will be joining them for a weekend in a few weeks. We sat outside their motorhome until it got dark before we left to come home. He gave us a recipe for a marinade so we stopped to buy pineapple juice. I mixed it up as soon as I got home and the chicken will be ready for Ted to grill when he gets back this afternoon.

We went to church this morning at 9 a.m., a service we seldom attend. But we run into people we don't usually see and that's always nice. We tried to buy some fund raising coffee from Mystic Monks in Wyoming to give Allen for his birthday but they were all sold out except for decaf which he doesn't drink. He loves coffee and dirt shirts. So wherever we travel, if we run into either, we get it for him. But we struck out today.

I've tried real hard to keep the next two weeks relatively free so I can get ready for our trip to the family reunion in Pigeon Forge, TN. We have 80 adults and 20 children attending. Tomorrow I will put in the official order for our shirts. My niece has Friday's dinner in the pavilion under control. I have to call the hotel and get the conference room set up and menu set for Saturday night dinner.

And so it goes .................

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