Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Y'all

My week has been geared to having Wine Tasting at our home last night. I did go to Old Town Spring with Ann on Wednesday. We checked out the new restaurant, Ellen's, and I booked our neighborhood ladies group in for this coming Thursday.

We had a fun time perusing the stores in Old Town Spring and then hit some others on the way home. I bought more pillows for the couches and after taking a few back and replacing a damaged one, I think what I have now is working OK. It was Happy Hour night but I started with a headache and chose to pass on that.

Ted and I both worked hard at getting things ready. Most of the work was done outside. We are just finishing up the pollen season and everything outside was covered with it. Also the courtyard tiles were just about black from mold and algae from the winter. Ted used Clorox water on the courtyard and got that looking great. Then he cleaned the deck but had a hard time getting all the pollen off. Next he power washed all the furniture. We put flowering baskets on all our hooks and citronella candles on the tables. It looked great when he was finished.

Inside I was cleaning and preparing serving stations. One table was for the wine and glasses, one counter for serving the dinner food, another one for a coffee/dessert station and appetizers on the dining room table.

By removing the chairs from around the kitchen table, people had better access to the wine. And I used the chairs throughout the house for more seating. It all worked out fine and everyone enjoyed the metts, brats, German potato salad, onion pie, Reuben sandwiches, salad, German chocolate cake, etc. that was the menu everyone contributed to. I put out the six photo books I had made up of our riverboat cruise last fall and lots of people enjoyed looking at them. When the party broke up I was pooped!

We opted for 10 o'clock Mass this morning knowing it would be packed. We arrived around 9:40 and were directed to the gym because the church was already full. We found seats OK and after Mass we got out of the parking lot with no trouble because of where we parked.

We came home for about an hour and continued cleaning up from last night. Both tablecloths had red wine stains so I did a load of laundry. I had run the dishwasher last night so I reloaded that. Overall, we were in good shape.

Around noon we drove over to Terry and Carol's to pick them up. They had invited us to brunch at the country club. It was a very nice brunch and of course I ate too much. We sat and talked afterward then dropped them off. They invited us in but they had gone to 6:30 sunrise service so I knew they were probably eager to take a nap. I had some more to do at home so we came home.

I hope the risen Lord brings you comfort thoughout this year. He remains the reason for this season.


cdm said...

From the sounds of all that food and wine, wish Dan and I could have been there! Sounds like you had a great time - now, go rest!!!
Happy Easter!

cdm said...

Oh - what cuties!!! You didn't have that picture on the blog yesterday when I make my comment - what beautiful children!!! Hope they found lots of Easter eggs!