Saturday, April 10, 2010

It Turned Into a Busy Week

Thank goodness I had Monday to catch up from the Wine Tasting and Easter because it was my only day free. It gave me a breather.

On Tuesday we went to Rayford to pick up Jay & Stella and we headed to Old Town Spring to a new restaurant that serves family style. We were well after the lunch crowd and had the place to ourselves. The food was really good and you could have as much as you wanted. We took a stack of their marketing cards back to the campground to be put in the information bags that are given to people checking in. We had a great visit sitting outside in super weather but at 6:45 Jay and I both said TV time was 7. He likes NCIS and I'm a Dancing with the Stars nut. So we parted and promised to get together next week.

Wednesday was Continental Breakfast with Newcomers. I'm supposed to be co-chair with Ann on this but she does ALL the arrangements getting people to host the event. We went to a lovely home in Creekside and the landscaping was fabulous. It sat on a pond, had an arbor, a waterfall, etc. I was very impressed. We had a nice crowd of mostly new people and that is our intent.

I had a full car (8 in all) to go back to Old Town Spring to eat at Ellen's on Thursday. April was my month to arrange the neighborhood ladies' luncheon. We had 14 people attend and that's a good size crowd. We keep the group at no more than 20 so it was a good showing. My neighbor Nancy is going to speak to the Moody Endowment in Galveston about some plates she collects that were also collected by Mary Moody. What an honor for her. There has been a plate made every year before the mold is broken since 1895 and Nancy is missing just 1895 and her 1896 is a broken plate but she has both pieces. She said when she married Ken he wasn't enthused about putting 115 holes in the wall!

Friday didn't go quite as planned. Rebecca called to say her mother-in-law was having surgery and she wanted to be at the hospital. Since I had to clean last Saturday and then do it again on Monday, the house really wasn't dirty. So I vacuumed, wiped tabletops, did the kitchen floor, etc. - what my Mom called "a lick and a promise." In the afternoon our camping friend Barbara came for a visit. She was at a rally in Conroe and took time to drive down. I fixed lunch and the three of us had lots to talk about. It was so nice to see her.

Last night we were invited to Jody and Dave's to celebrate Terry's birthday. There were 8 of us in all and we had a good time. The weather has been so nice and their yard is lovely. It is on the golf course so they have a wrought iron fence instead of the standard wood ones everyone else has so the view is very nice. Dave grilled some burgers and we had dinner before birthday cake and presents. They are such wonderful hosts and I know Terry was pleased.

We have a busy weekend planned and next week is as full as this one turned out to be. I hope wherever you are you are enjoying all that Spring has to offer.

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cdm said...

With all your comings and goings you make me want to take a nap! Sounds like you are having a good time and that's what matters!