Sunday, April 18, 2010

Super Fun Weekend and Now Columbus

I think the Tea Party was a success. They clocked 11,000 going through the turnstiles but the paper reported 6,000. And the late night news didn't even cover it! And this is Texas. Can't even imagine what else gets ignored as news in the coastal states. Blogs and tweets are not news. Investigative reporting showing both sides of a story is journalism. I'm still trying to learn what passport Barry Soetoro, Indonesian national, Islam religion, traveled on to the U.S. to accept a foreign student scholarship at Occidental College. They can trace a cow to its barn in Canada but no one knows the answer to this? Remember, this is a blog, not the news, just my opinion.

Now on to the good stuff. I did laundry and ironed on Friday (not good stuff by most people's standards) but that evening we went to Wind Down. Remember last month when I complained there were no desserts? Well there was a table full this time - cheesecake, Harvey Wallbanger cake, a birthday cake, apple strudel and lemon squares. Michele said "someone" complained last month about no desserts so everyone overdid it. I told her "that would be me!" I chose the lemon squares.

There was a big crowd and the night was perfect. Michele's yard is like a visit to a commercial gardens. She has flowers and plants everywhere plus a vegetable garden and fruit trees. Last time she came here she brought me lemons (she must know about those lemon squares) and green peppers.

I met a new couple who were going out the next day to look at RVs. They are looking for a lighter weight bumper pull travel trailer due to the need for their SUV to pull it. They had lots of questions and I was more than happy to answer them. The party is supposed to end at 10 but I think it was closer to 11 when we left. Alden always makes sure there is one bottle of Riesling just for me. How sweet of him.

Saturday night was the performance of Always, Patsy Cline at the Opry in Magnolia. We've had reservations for a few months now, ever since we learned it was coming. Terry, Carol, Vince and Susan went with us. I saw this play at Loch Haven Park in Orlando more than 10 years ago but was anxious to see it again. If you really know me, you know she's my favorite. The ringtone on my phone is her singing Crazy. When it goes off Ted doesn't say your phone is ringing, he says Patsy's singing.

We ate dinner at Las Fuentas in Magnolia, our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was the first time Vince and Susan ate there and they really liked it. Their menu is more extensive than most Mexican restaurants. From the Margaritas to the sopapillas, it was a great meal.

We had seats in the second row and the play was terrific. Here's a short synopsis of the play. In 1959 Patsy appeared on the Arthur Godfrey show and Louise of Huntsville, TX became a huge fan. She called the radio station every day to request a Patsy Cline song. In 1961 when Patsy came to the Esquire dance hall in Hempstead, TX, Louise and friends went to see her and struck up a friendship. Patsy spent the night at Louise's house (Houston is a long taxi ride from Hempstead and there weren't any taxis anyway) and she took her to the radio station for an interview Louise arranged and then to the airport. Thus began a series of letters back and forth until Patsy's untimely death in 1963. The gal playing Patsy sang 27 songs in two hours and did a bang up job. This Louise was a hoot and outshone the one I saw in Orlando by a mile.

We're going to church this morning and then Ted has to leave for a flight to Columbus, OH. He'll be back tomorrow sometime. As for me - I'm tempted to go see the last performance of the play again!


jillquilts said...

What's a party without desserts? Lemon is my favorite, too!!! My birthday cake request was always for lemon cake!

Sounds like you had a good time at the show! I'm glad it was so enjoyable! :)

cdm said...

The tea party was not covered by the local news stations in Atlanta either - what gives???

Glad you enjoyed the Patsy Cline show - "Crazy" is 'our' song - Dan says that I'm crazy to put up with him, but I do! Sure you understand! LOL