Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Passed on the Tea Party

I have been out and about all week and tonight I am simply tired. Ted, Terry and Carol have gone to the Tea Party at the Sam Houston Raceway. I just didn't have it in me to join them.

Monday was a fiasco for Ted getting the new plates for the trailer. We went to storage, hooked up, drove to the Flying J, got on the scale, unhooked the truck, called to tell the cashier to weigh the trailer. Then we had to hook back up, pull it off, park and go inside. So far, so good.

We put it back in storage and came home. Ted then took the bill of sale, our insurance, the Arizona title, the VIN ID certification, the weight document, a copy of our trust and a check to the place where you get tags. First problem, he needed to fill out two more papers and one needed my signature AND they needed the original of our trust WITH A SEAL. So he came home, I signed the paper and gave him the original in the lawyer's blue paper with obvious original signatures but no seal. We were both pretty frustrated by then. I told him to tell them the original was good enough to buy the house and it should be good enough to get a license tag. Why you would title your RV into someone else's trust is beyond me. When he went back they accepted it all and we now have a tag!!

In the meantime I had gone to Canasta and had a good time playing with my friends. I came real close to winning but fell a bit short. Since you only pay $1 to play, even if you win you don't get much. It's all for fun.

Tuesday we went over Rayford to visit Jay, Stella and our friend Bill. There was a group from the campground going to Big E McGee's for an early dinner so we went with them. Our marketing attempt had worked; but even better, they had gone on line and printed out Buy One, Get One Free coupons for everyone so we only paid for one dinner. We came back and visited some more before heading home.

The CWJF coffee was Wednesday at 10 so I picked up Jacque at 9, then got the other four ladies at Starbucks and headed south. We received our calendars and books plus they took our picture for the leaders use only. We had to hold a board with our name on it and it looked like a mug shot. We get a nice portrait done at orientation and that one goes in the directory. Good thing! When I got home I checked on things, Ted was gone shooting, so I took off for the mall and went right to Happy Hour. I had a couple glasses of wine and ate dinner there. By the time I got home, Ted was home too.

Today was the Newcomer's Luncheon and I picked up Teri at 11. We had made plans for our table the night before so we had a good group. We sure laughed a lot with all the stories. They had a white elephant auction but our table only bought two items.

I had to go back to the mall because for the first time in my life, the slacks I bought were too short. If I can find a pair that doens't need hemming it's a miracle, but to be too short is unheard of. Thankfully they had the same colors and size in Regular instead of Short.

By the time I got back Ted was getting ready to go to the Tea Party. With all the bags, hangers and new clothes, my bedroom looked like a bomb went off. I also needed to get things in a semblance of order in the closet. So I sent him off and I'm going to put my feet up shortly. I really am physically tired.

We have another busy weekend and then a short week before we leave for Michigan for Sam's First Communion.

I may get a job. I need the rest.


jillquilts said...

Wow! Now you've tired me out! lol

cdm said...

And I thought I was tired with cleaning and organizing - you make me tired just reading about all you do! Plus, you forgot about all the farming we have to do! LOL! Sit back and rest - you deserve it!