Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back Home

We flew home yesterday on a toy airplane. That's what those regional jets feel like. It had the 2/1 configuration and you have to walk sideways down the aisle. If you are as tall as Ted, you have to stoop besides. They had changed from a 737 and there were some unhappy passengers. The flight was uneventful and Continental continues to give you some food so I'm not complaining. We arrived safely and that's the outcome I'm always looking for.

We had a very nice visit with all the kids. Ted spent Friday at Dean Sellers Ford educating himself on what engines and rear ends are being produced in what trucks now. It appears we can only get the engine and rear end he wants if we buy a dually which I really don't want. Getting my Expedition past his current F-250 in our driveway is OK, but two more tire widths would make it a challenge. He'll continue to monitor what others are saying that pull trailers with the new engine. Kara and I did some running around.

Allen picked up Kristin that evening from the airport and took her to her friend Sheetal's house where she spent the night. Then he met the rest of us at Red Robin for dinner. The trees and flowers are so beautiful right now and I was snapping pictures along the way.

Saturday was the First Communion Mass at 2 o'clock. Ted and I served as EMEs and I gave Sam the host and Ted gave him the wine. What a special thing for all of us to remember. I was very moved realizing how many children I was giving First Communion to. Even Sam's 2nd grade teacher came to the Mass and brought him a gift. How nice of her. She was unable to join us for the party ...

... which was sensational. Our room at Dave & Buster's was soundproof so we didn't have to deal with the noise from the arcade. The tables were round which is always good for conversing. My menus were a hit even with the waitresses. They said they were much better than anything their marketing department ever put out. The food was great and everyone had fun playing games. I played skeeball and gave my tickets to Morgan or rather she kept taking them as soon as I won any.

Sunday was cool and drizzly and we stayed in. Kristin came for breakfast, Kelly's family stopped over later and after Ted took Kristin to the airport, Ellen and John came by for dinner and to spend the evening.

For our anniversary the kids gave us an iPod touch. So far I've been able to download and play a Patsy Cline album and send Kara a few e-mails. The problem is I'm not sure what I did to accomplish those tasks. Apple tells you what you can do with the iPod but not HOW to do it. I'll have to find me a 10 year old to teach me I guess. We have an iPod docking station in the new RV that will play the music through our surround sound. So once I learn how to use it hand held, I'll be needing more lessons in how to use it in the docking station. Technology!!

Let's hope they can teach this old dog new tricks.

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