Saturday, April 24, 2010

On A Lighter Note

I have to record a couple of things that have transpired between me and Morgan. She is the cutest, sweetest little thing and is polite and understanding as only a 5 year old can be.

Yesterday she was at the kitchen table drawing and asked me to spell HAPPY. So I did. Then she asked me to spell BERT. Evenutally she asked me to spell FROM. Then she showed me the card she made for the birthday party she is attending today. It said HAPPY BERT DAY FROM MORGAN. I guess she knew how to spell DAY. It was too cute to correct. It went off this morning with the gift!

On Thursday she was playing outside with Ted and she climbed the tree while wearing her plastic tiara. I went out to take her picture and I will publish it when I get home. She told me she had to pay $2 of her own money for her tiara. I told her those plastic jewels are expensive and the real ones aren't any cheaper!

Today when she was getting her hair combed for the party I was in her room in my PJs. They are light green cotton with flamingos (our camping group mascot) with Santa hats on. Eileen gave them to me this past Christmas. Morgan asked what the birds were and I told her flamingos. She asked if they were Christmas jammies. I said I guess so and she said "is that all you had 'cause I have a whole drawer full!"

Out of the mouths of babes.

Five years ago today the kids threw a 40th anniversary party for us here in Michigan ... and it snowed! When we married 45 years ago in Cincinnati it was an overcast day. Today we are getting rain.

May you have sunshine in your life today and always.

Happy 45th Anniversary, Ted. Today I love you more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.

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Barbara said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more!