Monday, April 12, 2010

Hot Time in the Old Town This Weekend

Saturday was the CWJF Gala at the Marriott. We went to Susan and Vince's and rode together to the hotel. They had been working there all day so knew right where to park in the garage. We used the walkway to walk across to the ballroom where our group was.

There must have been 400 people and lots of auction items to bid on. There were four large live auction items, an auction board, a silent auction and a raffle. This is their biggest fund raiser of the year.

We enjoyed drinks from the open bar and inspected all the auction items. Susan introduced me to a lot of women and I saw some of those I had met previously at the information coffee. I'm terrible with names and this is going to take me awhile. This is Ted and Susan at the bar.

Ted and I bought a raffle ticket, bid on a wine cooler, a digital photo frame and two beautiful vertical mirrors for either side of our china cabinet. We didn't win the raffle and were outbid on all the others. Susan and I did buy a 10-girl overnight trip to Austin off the big board for $1400. We have 7 gals lined up and won't have any trouble getting three more. That's only $140 a piece and we'll have a lot of fun. It includes meals and accommodations. Austin is a fun town and with 10 of us, it should be a blast. The date is in November when I know I'm available.

After a delicious dinner there was dancing to a great band. The vocalists were so talented and we enjoyed them. The dance floor was full and we danced some ourselves. Susan helped with the silent auction bids and then we all headed home from a very enjoyable night.

Our weather has been so nice and Sunday after church Dave and Karen drove up from Houston to attend The Woodlands Waterway Art Fair with us. This fair keeps expanding and each year more and more of the waterway gets lined with vendors. We didn't buy anything but Karen and Dave purchased three paintings. We saw Fr. Tom and chatted with him while they made two of their purchases. Afterwards we ate at Tesar's which was very good. They had the doors open because of the pleasant weather. We promised them we would drive into Houston soon to visit. Last year we attended the Stages Repertory Theater's production of Grey Gardens with them.

Today we have to take the RV to the Flying J to get it weighed. It's the last information we need to get the new tags. If we had known this we could have done it while traveling to or from the valley. Ted called to see if he had everything and they told him he needed the VIN certified and our mechanic did that plus we needed it weighed. The weight is something Ted wants to know because it matters to the truck. When he buys a new one he wants to know he is getting what he needs. Our present truck pulled our old RV up and down mountains with no problems. We pulled this one on flat ground with no problems. We're not sure how it would do in mountains because we think it is about 1000 lbs. heavier. At least after today we'll know for sure.

I'm playing Canasta this afternoon so it will be another busy start to another busy week. Get out in the sunshine. It provides Vitamin D and helps your body absorb calcium. Important facts for us "old folks."

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cdm said...

Wow! I missed last weeks post, but after reading it and this weeks I would say that you guys stay BUSY!!! I thought we were busy this past week, but I think you guys have us beat by a long shot!!! Good to stay up to date on all that is going on - take care and stop and smell the roses!!!