Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quiet Week of Preparation

We are going to Michigan tomorrow for Sam's First Communion so I kept my calendar light this week. Rebecca hasn't been here since the end of March so I've been doing more housework than usual. The laundry and ironing are caught up and yesterday we stopped at the store for a few items.

I've hired a landscape architect to redo our front natural area. What we have is way overgrown and the soil in the walled area is more mulch than topsoil and I can't get much to grow. There's been a lot of back and forth with Absolutely Outdoors but I think we're good to go now. They are going to check the sprinklers to be sure I'm getting good coverage, straighten some rocks in the wall, trim the live oaks and magnolias, remove the wax myrtles and pitosporum and put in good dirt then do the new plantings. It will probably get done next week after our return.

Monday was bunco and as usual we had a good time. The ladies get to talking so much we almost forget to play the game. And of course everyone puts out such a lovely spread of food but I was pretty good and ate only apple slices and a small portion of blueberry french toast that was yummy. I won't be able to play again until October. Next month I have a Junior Forum meeting, I'll be out of town in June, we don't play in July and August and September is another Junior Forum meeting. I hope they don't kick me out before my return in October!

I had a follow-up visit Tuesday with the eye doctor to my cataract surgery nearly five months ago. He said I am 20/20 for close up in my left eye and 20/20 for distance in my right eye ... what they call monovision. I asked him about driving glasses. I'm Ted's navigator and I really need to be able to read signs sooner. He gave me a prescription for progressive lenses that have three different levels so I can see distance, middle and close out of both eyes when I wear them.

When I took the prescription to have it filled and they checked my record they were a bit confused. The prescription for each eye was opposite the other and less strong than previously. I explained my choice of monovision for my cataract surgery and she said then it made sense.

Today I'll get my clothes put together because we are leaving early in the morning. Kara called and asked if we would serve as EMEs (Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, i.e., give out Communion) at Sam's Mass. She said they are trying to station us so Ted and I will actually give Sam the host and wine. How wonderful if it works. It is also our 45th anniversary and I can't think of a more special way to spend it.

Sam's party is at Dave & Buster's which is a restaurant and arcade. We have a private room for the 32 people attending. I typed up the menu selections Kara chose and decorated it with Sam's picture and some Eucharistic symbols. Then I printed it on card stock instead of just paper. My little contribution to the day. In addition to dinner, each person gets a $10 arcade card to play games. I told Sam he could have mine unless they have Skeeball! If so, I'm going to play with him but will give him any prize tickets I win. I'm sure the kids attending will end up with more cards than they can use up.

If you are so inclined, say a prayer for two friends of mine that are terminally ill with cancer. Their time here with us is growing short and it is a tough time for all involved. Thanks.

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