Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Revelation, Irony and Lowe's

My revelation is that it is easier to camp without electricity in an RV than it is to live in a house without a kitchen sink and countertops! There's nowhere to set anything down and no water. You have to go to the bathroom sink.

The irony is that I left a check with Ted to pay for my cleaning lady so I could go to Florida and do all sorts of things at Kristin's.

And we made a trip to Lowe's everyday, sometimes twice a day. That's what happens when you are redoing a kitchen.

By the time I arrived, the new kitchen cabinets had been installed (George), the tile floor had been removed down to the original terrazzo (Eileen and Kristin), the microwave was installed (George) as well as the new flurescent light in the kitchen (Jerome) and the plumber had done some preparation work.

On Thursday the electrician (Jerome) installed a plug for the microwave, one for the new range, a doorbell, a smoke detector, a fluorescent light in the master closet and hung the new chandelier over the table. The granite guy also came and made a template for the countertops and told us to buy a faucet for the stainless sink that was to be installed in the granite.

Over the week we spackled some nail holes (Eileen), made two cornices 7.5 feet by 15 inches from wood and covered them (Kristin and me) and then hung them (Eileen and me). Hung two new lights in the living room ceiling (Eileen and me), covered the dining room chairs (Eileen and me), cleaned the refrigerator (me), cut the grass (Eileen), did laundry (me), swept out the garage (Eileen and I took turns as trash was taken out) and picked out a range, floor tile, back splash tile, granite and faucet (Kristin and me).

Despite all the chores it was a really fun week and we all had a great sense of accomplishment. Kristin and I went to dinner two nights with Tom and Eileen. She and I also found time to shop a little. I bought a dress, capris and a sweater plus a baby gift. So it was not all work and no play.

This weekend Kristin will go to Lowe's (where else?) to buy the floor tiles and back splash tiles so George can start installing them. I'm sure the back splash has to wait for the countertops to be installed but he can start on the floor. Then Kristin will be down to having one bath left to do. That will have to wait until the well that has run dry fills up again!

I forgot my camera but Kristin will send me some pictures soon and I'll show you our handiwork. The cornices turned out beautifully and Eileen was impressed that I knew to place the fabric so both cornices were exactly the same and how to hang electrical lights! Just two of my talents I've kept hidden from my best friend!!!

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Rick and Brenda said...

Sounds like a busy week.
Glad you are home safely.