Monday, April 13, 2009

A Scary Start to Easter

Aside from Ted shooting, we spent Saturday at home. A company came to power wash our deck, furniture, walkways and driveway. Ever since Ike, the black mold has been more evident. They did a great job and it looks good.

I prepared my food for Easter breakfast (sausage/egg strata and baked french toast) and set the table. I had the coffee ready to brew, the fruit cut up and the champagne chilled for Mimosas. They were predicting really bad storms and we were glad we had no outside activities planned. Ted took a decorated azalea plant to our neighbors who had given us the theater tickets as a small thank you.

We arrived at church in a drizzle for 8 am Mass and Terry, Carol, Rachel and Jeff were seated in the front row in the right wing and saved us seats. Everything was fine until after the gospel and the deacon (age 81) who had left the altar went around to go back up. I thought he was going to use the ramp along the back but he started up the three steps. I thought to myself, he just needs the handrail. That quickly he lost his grip and went down face first onto the floor which is concrete. He didn't move. Since Ted was on the end he was first on the altar to help him. He was joined by a few others who slowly assessed his condition. He was conscious and they were able to turn him over and prop him up against Ted. He had two cuts on his face and Ted used his handkerchief on them.

It took the EMTs a long time to come. Apparently there was a delay in reaching 911 and then the crowded parking lot may have slowed them down. The fire station is right across the street and I couldn't imagine what was taking so long. They arrived and Ted continued to prop him up. They asked Ted if he was OK in that position and he said yes. Eventually they took him out but the whole time Father George had continued with Mass. A nurse sitting behind us sent Purell up to Ted for his hands so he could receive Communion. I'm sure she was concerned that perhaps he got blood on his hands. After Mass Ted stopped to tell Father George that he thought everything was going to be OK. Deacon was talking and walked out with assistance and was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

We came home and had our breakfast and it poured down rain. Then while I cleaned up, the TV was turned on for The Masters. Pretty soon both Carol and Terry were napping! We left a while later for downtown. The rain had stopped and we arrived in plenty of time. Hobby Center is a gorgeous theater. We've been there a couple times before.

The play was outstanding. We all know the story and the score of The Wizard of Oz but the technology they used was fascinating. We really enjoyed it. When we came out of the theater the weather was gorgeous. Terry & Carol haven't spent much time in downtown Houston so they were interested in where we were and how we got there. We went to Birroporreti's for dinner which is in the theater district. It was a nice meal and we were able to keep on eye on the TV.

Since The Masters went into sudden death I was home in time to watch The Amazing Race. I love watching the countries they go to and wonder how they can keep their mind focused. I would be stopping to look at everything. I'm rooting for the deaf boy and his mother. They have done superbly despite his handicap.

Ted is off this morning to Florida until Wednesday. He'll take my Dad and Edna to dinner tonight in Port Charlotte. Thursday morning he has to drive to Austin. It's been a long, long time since he's done this much traveling in one week. He usually is gone one or two days a month, if that. He considered giving up the consulting but seemed reluctant to do so. He talked to "the powers that be" and has decided to stay on. They take good care of him and his duties seldom interfere with our lifestyle or travels. And I have to admit that I enjoy some time alone on occasion. I agreed to play Canasta and bunco this week while he is gone. Also our neighborhood ladies' luncheon is Thursday. He'll be home on Friday in time to go to Wind Down (Newcomers' cocktail party) that is being held at Terry and Carol's.

And so it goes.

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