Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Went To a "Tea Party"

Ted left on a flight to Tampa early Monday morning. He was able to take my Dad and Edna to dinner Monday night before he started his pressroom rounds. My Dad LOVES Ted and is always so happy when someone comes to visit. I went to Canasta in the afternoon and later met Jacque for four laps around the walking trail in the park near our house. Tuesday evening I played bunco and won my $5 back for having the most Wipe Outs, and I only had two! But I'll take it.

Terry and Carol asked me to join them at The Woodlands Tea Party on Wednesday evening. There were 2-3 thousand people there and the traffic jam was of monumental proportions. There were some great signs and I wish I could remember them all. Our representative was booed when he took the podium because he voted for the bank bailout. Both Ted and I had called his office to complain about that. In fact Ted calls him, Cornyn and Hutchinson all the time. I think he has them on speed dial! I was sorry no one (at least while we were there) pressed home the issue of what we all can realistically do - vote the bums out! Everyone wants "your bum" gone but they keep their own. Ted told them they were poster children for term limits.

After a couple hours the three of us left and went to Mel's Country Cafe for dinner. It was Wednesday and that's chicken and dumplings night, Terry's favorite. I pulled into our driveway about 8:30 and Ted pulled in right behind me.

He has left already this morning for Austin and will be back home tomorrow. I have my neighborhood ladies' luncheon today. I have to pick up three neighbors and drive to Montgomery, Texas to Phil's Roadhouse. There are some antique shops and stores in that area so I'm sure we'll meander around a bit before coming back. I'm familiar with the area because it is west of Haven's Landing Campground and we go to Phil's when we camp up there.

Other than Wind Down tomorrow night we don't have any plans for the weekend. But that could change. Stay tuned.

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