Friday, April 24, 2009

Slow Week

It's been a very slow week with not much going on. The highlight of Tuesday was the dentist. How lame is that? But now that's over for six months. I did see my next door neighbor Barbara there and also my hairdresser coming out of the boutique next door. It was like old home week.

Wednesday I met Ann at 3 o'clock for coffee (except I drank iced tea). From there I went on to the country club for Happy Hour. Just four of us showed up but that makes for a nice conversation. It's hard to hear or talk when 16 people or so gather. Ted took the opportunity to go to the Houston Gun Club since I was going to be gone for several hours.

Thursday I had my hair cut and we went downtown with Terry & Carol to pick up Ted's cousin's wife who was in Houston for a convention. We drove her around downtown, the Galleria area and River Oaks. She was amazed at how big Houston is and admired all the lovely parks and trees we have in those areas. We had dinner at Table 7 Bistro which turned out to be smaller and more casual than we were aiming for but the food was very good. We may pick up Connie downtown tomorrow, bring her to The Woodlands for awhile and then take her to the airport. We need to see what time she will be finished tomorrow.

Today is our 44th wedding anniversary. It's hard to comprehend all that time passing by. Our girls will be 43, 40 and 36 this year. I always told them I was 23 when they were little so now they are all way older than me.

Right now Rebecca is trying to clean the house while Roman is trying to reface the bathroom cabinets. This should be a fun day when all is said and done.

We have absolutely no plans for this weekend. We passed on Dining Out with Newcomers on Sunday. Perhaps we'll go to the Texas Opry in Magnolia Saturday night. Things have a way of popping up but if they don't, a quiet weekend at home works fine too.

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