Monday, April 6, 2009

We Got Busted!

I spent Thursday doing mail, phone and e-mail catch up and Friday was spent doing laundry. Then we left to meet Jim and Leanne in Hempstead for the Knights of Columbus fish fry. Their daughter's mother-in-law Angie was with them. She was soon joined by her daughter and family and then a brother and sister-in-law. It turned into quite a group.

Afterwards, we had to follow them while they took Angie home. We turned south off 290 down a gravel road and the fields on either side were blanketed in bluebonnets. They were spectacular and the trip out there was worth that drive alone. Angie invited us into her "spread" as I will call it. They have 15 acres with a pond and keep several horses, cattle, chickens and turkeys. There is a huge metal barn with a tack room, chicken coop, hay storage and a living area. Her granddaughters were spending the night and wanted to sleep in "the barn" but Grandma said they were sleeping up in the house.

What had started as a 3000 sq. ft. older home has been added on to, remodeled, decorated, etc. until it is just stunning. I was totally lost during our tour. Her husband is a hunter and fisherman and Ted was very interested in all the trophies and pictures hanging on the walls. She was the most gracious, down to earth lady I've met in quite some time and I liked her immediately. She gave us two dozen "farm fresh" eggs when we departed. I'll use them for Easter breakfast. We drove on to our friends' home and spent the rest of the evening there. It was quite late when we got back.

Saturday Ted went shooting in the morning and then at noon we met Dave and Karen, who now live down in Houston, for lunch and the Art Fair on the Waterway. We hadn't seen them in quite some time and had a great time catching up. Karen and I decided the guys couldn't walk and talk at the same time because we would look back to see if they were still following us and they would be standing still talking! By 4:30 we needed to get home and we finished up the fair right on time.

Saturday night was Wine Tasting and we had purchased three pounds of brisket to take for the meal. It had been in the crock pot on warm since noon. So into the shower, get dressed, and off we went again. The basketball games were on so lots of people congregated in front of the TV. There was a table for 8 set out in the courtyard in the front of the house and I was out there with seven others drinking and eating.

First we saw a flashlight and then the gate to the courtyard opened and a patrolman came in. We were all shocked and assumed we were making too much noise. Paula told him we were all over 21 but if we were making too much noise we would keep it down. He said he had a call there was a fight going on. It was determined there was a party going on behind the house on the next street so he said he would try there. It's been a long time since the cops came to a party I was at!! It was good for a few laughs.

Sunday was Palm Sunday so church took over an hour and a half. It was after 1:00 when we got home. We spent the day watching the Shell Houston Open and then grilling out for dinner.

Today Ann is stopping by for coffee and to catch up. Then we are invited to Terry & Carol's for Terry's birthday dinner. I have to make potato casserole for that and will also make sweet potatoes because Ted likes those. Trying to watch your weight is almost impossible with the social schedule we keep but I'll keep trying.

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