Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring

The neighbor ladies and I, ten in all, had a lovely lunch and day in Montgomery, TX on Thursday. I took them the back way instead of the interstate because it's a much nicer drive. I'm amazed when people don't know about things right in their own area. But then, we've always ventured out and about more than most. Ted stayed over in Austin so I had the remote all to myself for my viewing pleasure in the evening.

Friday the rains came. Ted stopped three different times on his way home from Austin because he simply couldn't see. The golf tournament here and Earth Day celebration have both been cancelled because it is predicted to be bad all weekend.

I made Skyline chili dip to take to Wind Down at Terry & Carol's. There is always an abundance of food but they did everything but lick the dish I brought it in. There were 59 people in attendance, a big crowd for any house. It was pretty late when we got home.

It's raining cats and dogs again today and I have every light in the house on because it is so dark. We are meeting Terry & Carol at church at 5 pm, going for a bite to eat and then back to their house to watch HBOs Grey Gardens with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. This is the play we are going to see in May with Karen and Dave downtown. It's about an aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy who let their Hampton estate go into ruins and live as recluses.

The company Ted retired from in 2000 and who carries our medical insurance has filed for bankruptcy. We don't know if we'll be affected or not. He has 4 months to Medicare and I have 17 months. All we can do is research options and keep our fingers crossed. We also learned that Delta/Northwest/Continental are breaking up their SkyTeam so we can no longer put Continental flights into our Northwest frequent flyer account. We both have Continental numbers but didn't use them. I dug them out, updated the info, and we'll have to start using them after October. Ted racked up 3 million miles on Northwest and because he could fly Continental out of here, he just kept using his Northwest number, but not anymore.

If the weather doesn't clear, we'll probably be inside again tomorrow. We need the rain but it seems we always get it all at once. Not a big weekend on the excitement meter but a pleasant one none the less, the bad weather not withstanding!

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