Monday, April 20, 2009

Unexpected Company

It FINALLY quit raining late Saturday afternoon so we didn't have to go to church, the restaurant and Terry & Carol's in the rain. We opted for Rico's Mexican and by the time we came out the sky was blue and we were back in the business of nice weather. I enjoyed the HBO movie of Grey Gardens and Carol is ordering the 1975 documentary from Netflix so we can see the actual people that Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange portrayed.

We were just hanging out on Sunday when my phone rang. It was Brenda who I knew had a layover in Houston on her way home from Seattle to Memphis. She was still in Seattle and was going to need a place to stay in Houston. The storms had all the flights backed up and her flight was taking off 5.5 hours late thus making the next available connection at 4 pm on Monday. Oh ... and can you come pick me up. Of course we could and I took ribs out of the freezer for dinner.

Ted picked her up at 7 pm while I stayed home to tend to dinner. She had booked a flight from Little Rock because it was quite a bit cheaper and Rick had driven her there last week to catch the flight to Seattle. After dinner Ted got on the phone and changed her to a 10:40 flight this morning directly to Memphis and canceled her rental car. She was elated and so was Rick waiting on the other end.

This morning Ted took Brenda back to the airport and I got ready for bunco. This is the first time I've been to Elaine's house and it is so very nice. We made all the decisions for next year so I can get my "paperwork" clear through 9/2010 ready for the bunco bag. This group is great in that once we establish our hostesses, it runs itself. Any switching is done between people and then I send an announcement via e-mail. Anyone not attending finds their own sub and lets the hostess know. As long as everyone does their part, there's no problem. I've had this group going on 8 years and it's still going strong.

A fellow is here refinishing our front door. Barbara next door was having hers done and he came to look at ours. We don't get direct sun or water on ours but it is over six years old so we thought it wouldn't hurt to have him do it. Your front door makes a statement and should always be in good repair (Real Estate 101 according to Donna).

Not much else going on this week. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow for my regular check-up. Not too exciting.

Spring is stirring across the country. Enjoy the weather wherever you are. Travel safely. Enjoy the journey.

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