Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Survived!!

When we came home from Fredericksburg on Wednesday my head was swimming with all the stuff I had to get done by Saturday when we were hosting Wine Tasting. That afternoon we brought home all the stuff that needed to come out of the RV - refrigerator food, perishable food, dirty clothes, clean clothes (they just go along for the ride!).

I was up at 6 a.m. on Thursday and worked for 3 hours in my office. I had piled mail up while the kids were here and the postman had delivered last week's mail Wednesday afternoon. Taking care of running a household, keeping up with family and events and managing finances can take up a lot of time. I got dressed and was at the dentist at 11 a.m. From there I went next door for a hair cut at 12:15. Next stop was the bank but first I slipped into Sonic for a banana/strawberry fruit smoothie as my lunch. After the bank it was the post office to mail the book I bought Sam and Morgan.

Last stop was the nail salon. I needed both a manicure and a pedicure. It was going on 6 when I finally made it home. I'm not used to running full tilt for 12 hours and was pretty tired.

Friday was a lot easier day because the cleaning ladies were coming. Nice way to plan for a party, huh? Once they were finished we had to extend tables, fish out proper sized tablecloths, move chairs, set up card tables, get down the large coffee pot and just figure out the logistics of having 30 people in for wine tasting that includes a buffet dinner. Ted also spent time cleaning the deck and outdoor furniture.

We met Terry & Carol at the new NY Pizzeria for dinner. This place has a 28" pizza that will cover the top of a card table! We saw a couple being carried out the door. The Sullivans and Lanthorns were there having dinner too and stopped by to say hello. The Woodlands lady who was killed falling from a zipline in Honduras while on vacation was a neighbor to Gerre. She was telling me that the family lived behind her and the lady was in her bunco group. I always thought that would be fun but I don't think OSHA is real big in the islands so I think I'll pass.

Saturday dawned overcast and cool. Where was the 77 and sunny they promised me? I needed to use the deck for my crowd but it didn't look too promising. As if on cue, at noon the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. Thank you, God.

I had asked the lawn guys to trim the bushes as well as cut the grass and they had the whole yard spiffed up hours before the company was to arrive. I bought begonias and petunias in hanging baskets as well as a Boston fern for my wheelbarrow so we were looking good inside and out.

The Wine Guy and the leader of Wine Tasting arrived before six to set up. Then everyone else started arriving. I was worried about having enough room but everything went just great. The wines were excellent, the food delicious and we were thanked time and again for being such great hosts.

It takes a lot of time and trouble to entertain a crowd but I enjoy having people over and that in turn generates invitations for us to socialize at other events. The old adage "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" holds true even in entertaining.

I have a light week this week. The window washers are coming on Tuesday. I wash them occasionally but right now they need the screens taken out, the sills scrubbed as well as the windows being done inside and out. Sounds like a job for someone else! We are taking Terry to Mel's Diner for his 65th birthday. It's chicken and dumplings night and he likes them. I think there will be 7 of us. Carol will be in Chicago with Rhonda while her husband Greg comes to Texas for a long weekend of golf. The next week my friend Eileen flies in from Florida and the fun will begin again.

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