Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rescheduled Again

We drove downtown to Baylor Clinic (70 miles round trip plus tolls on the Hardy Toll Road) to be told there was a water main break and the procedure had been cancelled. They called our house at 8:45 am but we have to leave before that to arrive by 10. So now we are going back on Friday, arriving at 1:00 pm. That will put us in rush hour traffic on the way home. I guess it never occurred to the girl at the Endoscopy Center to call Dr. Ertan's office to ask if they had a cell phone number. Like Ted said, they don't pay those people to think.

I did talk to Raynor in Dr. Ertan's office about the follow-up endoscopies. He said this one on Friday will be a follow-up with the 90 degree ablator to hit anything the 360 degree one may have missed. In July there will be a normal endoscopy with mapping protocol. After that, they will only be necessary once a year to start instead of every 3 months like we thought. Raynor said they have had only one patient who needed to return more frequently. That relieved some of the aggravation of the wasted trip for me. We both had been dreading quarterly trips downtown not to mention the anxiety that comes with waiting for results that frequently.

So until Friday "That's All Folks."

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