Monday, April 14, 2008

The Masters Weekend

We stayed close to the TV to watch a lot of The Masters Golf Tournament this weekend. On Friday, Ted golfed with Terry & Greg and had lunch at the East Course. Terry also invited us for dinner but we declined. Sometimes it's just nice to stay home. I took the opportunity to visit my friend Elmira in the hospital. She is making good progress.

Ted went shooting Saturday morning. When he came home we went to the Art Festival along The Woodlands Waterway. We ran into so many people that we know that just the visiting was enjoyable. But the weather was gorgeous and the vendors had such beautiful wares that it was a perfect afternoon.

We met Terry & Greg at church for 5 p.m. Mass and then they came here for dinner. I had set the table but Ted took it all outside to the table on the deck because it was such a delightful evening. By 9:30 Terry was falling asleep. I think he had played golf everyday since Wednesday and still had two more to go.

On Sunday Ted shot in the Jalapeno Open and I think he said he came in second place in his class. He was in a league at the Gun Emporium and came in first in that. Shooting this much keeps him in his hobby room reloading shotgun shells lots of afternoons and evenings. Keeps him out of trouble.

I watched The Masters and finished up a three-book series I had been reading. It was late afternoon before Ted got home. He left for Denver today and won't be back until Thursday.

There is a funeral at church tomorrow so I have spent the morning making deviled eggs and brownies to take over. I have a doctor appt. so I won't be able to help with the serving. This is called the St. Martha Ministry at our church. I help whenever they ask me and I'm able. So many times we're not in town.

Thursday is the Newcomers Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon. My friend Eileen is arriving here that day. She has another friend that lives in the area and was picked up today at the airport to visit with her. Then she'll come here on Thursday. I invited them both to be my guest at the luncheon but they are going to San Antonio for a few days. Eileen will stay with us until next Tuesday. We have some plans made but you'll have to come back next week to see what they are.

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