Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nothing Much Going On

It's been a quiet week. Monday I used the ham bone from Easter to make a pot of bean soup and it was very good.

I had taken one of the two vanity lights down in our bathroom in preparation for hanging up new ones. There were two small screw holes to be spackled and the area painted which I did on the first one. But the receptacle was put in wrong and I couldn't see a way to hang the new fixture without doing something to the receptacle. I can connect wires properly and mount something with screws but I wasn't willing to tackle that. So we had to call an electrician. He said whoever put the lights up originally should be shot. Typical builder garbage he called it. He had to remove both receptacles and mount them properly. Then the lights went up easily. However, the second light had a huge hole in the drywall that was hidden behind the fixture. That had to be spackled. He showed me how to stuff it with newspaper first, then spackle without too much pressure. That's done and I'm going to paint today. These new lights hang down in front of the mirror and reflect so it's a lot brighter in the master bath now and they look a lot better. That was our last "update" project but we didn't get it done in time for Wine Tasting!

Bev F. called and asked me to sub for her at bunco Tuesday night and I agreed. It's been awhile since I've seen some of those ladies and it gave me a chance to catch up. Our friend Elmira is back in the hospital with an intestinal obstruction. I plan to visit her today if she wants/can have visitors. She is battling cancer and is having a rough time. Last time she needed a rod put in her thigh bone because it was so brittle they thought it would break. Cancer and chemo aren't enough to deal with. She keeps getting these other ailments too. She is near the top of my prayer list each day. Her outlook is always positive and she has managed to just keep doing her routine things. She is amazing.

Two ladies spent four hours cleaning our windows, screens and sills on Tuesday. They were so thorough and I'd have them back in a minute. So now the house, windows and yard are all in good order. But as we all know, that never lasts long.

Wednesday was Terry's birthday. Carol had flown to Chicago to watch the grandkids so two other couples and we took him out to dinner. We went to Mel's Cafe in Tomball. This is a place you would never stop to eat if you didn't know about it. Barbara Walters interviewed Sharon Watson (Enron whistleblower) here. It's just such a fitting Texas place for that. Wednesday is chicken and dumplings night and that's Terry's favorite. I had grilled catfish and they gave me two whole fishes. I barely managed to eat one. The food is good and plentiful.

Then we went back to one of the other couples' house for cake and coffee. It was a nice evening and Terry wasn't alone for his birthday. We gave him a Border's Gift Card and some silly Over The Hill gag gifts. He turned 65.

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