Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Crawfish Season

Saturday's show at the Magolia Opry was exceptionally good. They had lots of performers and everything from Tracy Chapman to the Beatles was thrown in with the country and gospel music. The pot roast was excellent and is always our entree choice when we eat in the cafe. Andra, Mike and Eileen thought it was terrific. She and I had taken an hour long walk around the walking trail that afternoon so we were all ready for bed soon after we got home. Ted had gone shooting and brought back his First Place trophy from his league at the Gun Emporium.

Since we had gone to Mass at St. Matthias in Magnolia on Saturday night, I cooked a leisurely breakfast on Sunday morning before heading to the Crawfish Festival in Old Towne Spring. Eileen had never seen 2 lbs. of crawfish piled high on a plate. Ted says they look like red roaches on steroids. We had fun just watching people tear into their pile. I had a couple Louisiana gals teach me how to eat them when I first moved here but I just don't think they're worth all the work it takes to enjoy them! They say 80,000 lbs. of crawfish are consumed during the festival.

There were three entertainment stages and we spent time at the Zydeco music stage and the country/western one. It was a delightful day to be outside. We strolled through the town but spent most of our time listening to the music. I had put baking potatoes in the oven to start automatically while we were gone. Ted started the grill when we got home and fixed filets. I threw together a salad and it was a quick dinner. We watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame show about the deaf child. Since no decision was made for him, we were all disappointed at the end of the movie.

Today is my Third Monday Bunco Group and Eileen is going to play as a sub. We'll have to do any last minute thing she wants this afternoon because her plane is at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow. The time has passed very quickly.

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