Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eileen Is Here

Tuesday I took my eggs and brownies to church for yet another funeral. The parking lot was so full I had a hard time finding a place to park. This was the third young (40ish) lady to die in the past month. It is so sad. The ladies were setting the food tables in the hallway so they could put up the maxium round tables for eating in the gathering room. I had a doctor's appt. and couldn't stay to help. Rose said it all went well and there was plenty of help.

Wednesday was Happy Hour at the country club. I arrived about 5 and when I was ready to leave, Terry & Carol were having dinner so I stopped to chat with them. Carol had arrived home from Chicago the day before. Then I drove to Rayford to meet Jay and Stella for dinner. It was almost 10 before I arrived home.

Thursday was another funeral and more eggs! I hope I don't have to make anymore. We can go long periods without a funeral at our church and then all of a sudden you have several right in a row. I dropped the eggs off on my way to the Newcomers April luncheon. They had a vintage clothes fashion show and it was done so well by the Junior Forum. The food was excellent and they had quite a crowd, almost 100.

I was just changing my clothes when Eileen arrived. We met her friend Andra who didn't stay but a few minutes. We visited and watched Survivor together. Thursday night is a good TV night. I also took time to make my meatballs for Friday night.

On Friday I had some running to do - drug store, get gas, bank, drop off clothes at the Purple Heart truck, etc. Then we drove to Market Street and walked around for a bit. We went to Maggie's to buy some votive candles sold only there. They smell so wonderful. I keep them in my drawers and it permeates the wood. I take them out to burn one at a time and the drawers still smell good. We decided to eat at The Cheesecake Factory because we wanted to sit outside. Afterwards we took a ride on the Waterway Trolley. They have done such a wonderful job with the Town Center of The Woodlands and it's fun to show it off.

We went to Newcomers' Wind Down (cocktail party) which was being held at Terry & Carol's this month. There were almost 50 people there. My meatballs were all gone; they usually are. There was shrimp, ham, brisket and all sorts of party foods and of course many kinds of wines. Eileen has met some of my friends and knows Terry & Carol so she had a good time visiting too.

Tonight we are going to St. Matthias Church in Magnolia for Mass and then to the Texas Opry Jamboree for dinner and the show. Eileen's friend Andra and her husband Mike are joining us. We took Eileen there the first time she visited and she wants to go back.

We're playing Sunday by ear and Eileen is subbing in my bunco group on Monday. More later.

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