Monday, April 28, 2008

Change in Next Endoscopy Appointment

I forgot to mention that Ted's next endoscopy that will be done at Baylor Clinic downtown has been moved from 4/29 to 4/30. Terry has his own doctor appt. that day so he won't be able to go with us. We expect a routine endoscopy with visual inspection, biopsies and a "touch up" with the ablator if any BE is seen. I'm just hoping he doesn't cough, wake up, pull out the hose or aspirate any liquids! Knowing he has to have this done every 3 months is making me a little apprehensive because he always seems to have a problem with something. If it was done on Tuesday we were hoping to have results by Friday. With it moved to Wednesday, I'm sure it will be May 5 before we hear. It will be a heavy prayer weekend for us both.

We went to our second anniversary dinner at Taverna in Conroe compliments of Terry and Carol. We had champagne in Waterford flutes at their lovely home before heading out. They always make everything so special. The restaurant is very nice and has some interesting items ... like kangaroo loin! We did share an appetizer of venison sausage, venison loin and buffalo sausage. It was pretty good but I had to not think about what I was eating. I chose steak (beef) for my entree. They invited us back to watch a movie but I was very tired because of not sleeping too well. I went right to sleep when I got home and slept until 8 the next morning. Finally, I felt refreshed.

Ted shot on Saturday and we went to 5 o'clock Mass. I had ribs in the oven and we came home for dinner. We rented the George Clooney movie Michael Clayton. I'm not much on movies anymore and this one wasn't even too thrilling for being a thriller. But what do we want for a buck and a half?

Sunday was just a lazy day and I did laundry. We have been on the go so much that just hanging out at home for a weekend felt great.

This morning our cleaning lady called to say her stepson died on Friday and she wouldn't be here today to clean. I told her how sorry I was for her loss. However, that meant that I had to clean the house. So we both got started. Ted is the designated vacuumer. The two guest rooms, guest bath, dining room and sitting room seldom get used so they are easy to clean. I just kept at it until it was done. I have another load or two of laundry and dinner to think about.

We are voting tomorrow. In Texas you "vote early, vote often." I have never lived anywhere that you can vote early and I've never had to vote so much. We must have a half dozen elections a year. Most of the time I don't have a clue about anything on the ballot. This time is election of 5 representatives to the Woodlands Township, our new designation on our way to becoming a city. There are also two bond issues, one for the community college and one for the school district. The actual election day is May 10 ... a Saturday! Whatever!

Say a prayer on Wednesday that all goes well for Ted and that we get good results from the biopsies.

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