Saturday, August 15, 2015

Chris Is Happy

The one person happier than us was Chris when we told him we had the AC fixed!  I didn't think it was too bad running at 40% efficiency but apparently he didn't agree.  I am just glad it didn't get any worse for him before we got home.

My happiest point was when I was able to get down and clean out all my kitchen cabinets.  They have been bugging me but I just couldn't get up and down to do it.  I know it is the prednisone working but just what it is working on has not been determined.  Isabelle cancelled which was probably a good thing.  We had enough people in and out plus insulation floating out of the air returns. Her cleaning may have been a futile attempt.

I packed all my clothes and Ted's for the cruise so we can leave those bags in the car while we wander  from my Dad's to Kristin's to the Doubletree and eventually on to the ship.  We will be scrounging for things to wear this week and next with all our better stuff packed away.  But we'll manage.  Nothing big coming up.

Monday I had my first PT appointment and I have two more before we see the doctor on Thursday, the day before we leave.  I am not making this easy for them with my schedule.  Then I headed to NAM shot blitz to work at the clinic.  We vaccinated 75 children and turned 20 away who were up to date.  I was one of two cashiers ($10 per child) so I was able to sit all afternoon.  When I got home Isabelle had cancelled again!  It was after 5:00 and frankly I was glad she wasn't coming that late.  She will try again on Tuesday.

Alł our paperwork and luggage tags came for the cruise so we are ready to roll.  Everyone is getting very excited!  I hope I continue to feel good and can navigate Universal Studios for an entire day.  If not, I'll sit a bit!  With Cassie with her Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bill with his new knee, Kristin with her bad back and me with my "whatever" I think it will be an interesting day!  

On Tuesday I had 7 am PT again and then later we took Ken and Nancy to lunch.  She does such a great job with our mail!  It's funny.  Chris doesn't want to deal with the mail and Nancy and Ken want no access to the house.  Just so it works for everyone, it is okay by me.  Isabelle finally made it in the afternoon so the house is cleaned well once more.   I changed the sheets so our master suite will be in good shape when we return.

Wednesday morning was 7 am PT again!  This getting up at 6 is getting old.  I worked at Shot Blitz from 10 to 2 and then went off to my hair appointment.

This morning I had my doctor's appointment.  He put my xrays up, tapped my left replaced hip and said "you know you are going to get another one of these, don't you?"  The PT gal and I had reached a similar conclusion as she put me through my paces.  When she told me to sit on the pool step and put my right ankle on my left knee I said "that ain't going to happen."  And it didn't!  It is not an imminent need so we discussed my medicine, PT when we return and an appointment in six weeks.  I guess I will be heading to Texas Orthopedic eventually.  Given the choice of hip versus back surgery, I choose hip!

I have a meeting tomorrow morning and then we hope to hit the road by noon.  Stay tuned and travel I-10 and Florida with us.  Once onboard Disney's Fantasy, I will be offline until we return to Port Canaveral.

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