Saturday, August 1, 2015

Turkey Time

Well the drama wasn't over!  Because the directional arrows on the campground map made absolutely no sense, we walked the campground to determine the best way out.  The biggest problem was the exit gate.  We had to get 53 ft. of truck and trailer lined up straight enough to pass through.  To get to the perimeter road that gave us the straightest shot out we had to go to the end of our road, make a less than 90 degree turn and deal with boulders all along the left side.  Ted nixed that.  He chose to come to the end of our road and swing wide as he could to get straight enough to exit.  To do this he had to hug a tree that rubbed the top of the trailer.  This can really scratch a rig.  I stood in front of the guide wires on an awning so he wouldn't run over them and he made it okay.

Unfortunately Tom declined any help, didn't swing wide enough, and added insult to injury by damaging two more cargo doors on boulders. Ted was watching from our site and told Eileen he wasn't swinging wide enough and then "crunch."   Another call to the factory, another thing added to the list!

I wrote a scathing report on RV Park Reviews about the map with arrows going willy nilly.  You can't approach from one side and pull in from the other side.  And that is what the arrows were showing.  Even the perimeter road with the best exit route has the arrows going in the opposite direction.  There are no directional signs on the roads to indicate which way you should drive on them.  Normally the office will take a campground map and draw a line showing you how to go to your site ... but not this place!  And trees that hang over roads or sites need to be kept trimmed to avoid scratching.  Some of these motorhomes have $15-20,000 paint jobs and they don't want them scratched.

We hit the road and arrived at Turkeyville USA near Marshall a little more than an hour later.  Cromwell's Turkeyville restaurant has been an institution for many decades but the campground is a newer addition.  We got our map and followed the black line to our site with no problems. 

We had dinner reservations at 6 at Cromwell's followed by the musical The Hatfields and McCoys.  Eileen and Tom had seen a production of the same name in Pigeon Forge but they said this was entirely different.  The turkey dinner was wonderful and we really enjoyed the play.  The music was a great mixture of old tunes.  

Ted was up before me today checking out skeet fields.  He found one opening at 10 so he took off.  When he returned we went to Adventist Village and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Discovery Center.  We didn't know just what to expect.  There was a crowd there so we figured it must be interesting.

We didn't know the Seventh Day Adventist church was founded in Battle Creek by co-founders James and Ellen White.  This area became known as Adventist Town.  We visited a school, church, log cabin and a home used on the Underground Railroad.  We were told that next to the Catholic education system, they have the next largest system.   

The church.

An original bench from the church (dark one in the corner).

Log cabin.

We left the tour before the last two houses so we could visit the Discovery Center.

Dr. John Henry Kellogg was a brother to Wm. Kellogg of cereal fame.  John was way ahead of his time in healthy lifestyles.  He advocated eating fruits and vegetables, getting fresh air and going outside into the sun, doing exercises.  He debunked myths like blood letting, tomatoes are poisonous, smoking cured lung disease (!), etc.  He built a sanatarium which over time and fires was rebuilt and added on to, etc. until today it is the Hart Dole Inouye Hospital.  John worked on "corn flakes" trying to invent a healthy, quick breakfast.  Once he and William succeeded, John moved on to other things and William founded Kellogg's Cereal Company.

We saw many of the machines he used at his sanatarium.  Most of these are very similar to exercise equipment, spa treatments, physical therapy items in use today.  We tried out a few things.

We left there and went to St. Philip Church for Mass.  Father spoke of the absurdity of all the press over Cecil the Lion and the major media silence on the Planned Parenthood videos.  It is about time we are hearing some push back from the pulpit on these attacks on morals.

We ate at Don Pablo's for dinner, stopped at Meijer's for some Schuler's cheese spread that Eileen and Tom enjoyed the night before and hair coloring for me.  An inch of gray hair is not attractive!

We head to the factory tomorrow.  There are four spots and we want to get one before they are all taken.  Hopefully they can get our things done by their 2:30 shift end Monday so we can be on our way.  Tom and Eileen have to go south of Fort Wayne to their factory so we will be saying "So long" as the sun sets in the west.

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