Wednesday, August 5, 2015


We stopped overnight on Tuesday in a KOA and got an extra hour sleep because we were back in Central Daylight Time.

We headed out Wednesday and watched the temperature rise to 102 degrees on the dash!  Those cool days and nights in Michigan were all just a pleasant memory.  We stopped in Texarkana and fueled up plus ate a late, but big, lunch at the Flying J restaurant.  Continuing on we arrived in Carthage about 4:00.  We did get stuck for about a half hour near Little Rock where a semi had been laid over on its side.  Other than that, the day was uneventful.

It is so very, very hot.  I went to the bedroom to watch The Five because it was much cooler in that smaller space than in the living area until the trailer cooled down to 72. Ted decided to attack the bugs on the front cap of the trailer.  We are about 3 hours from home so hopefully by noon tomorrow we will be set up and can start unloading our things to take home and Ted can clean the rest of the trailer.

We didn't eat dinner because of our late lunch so we showered and settled in for the evening.  I did empty the pantry and bagged up my stash of things I bought along the way.  All these bags will go into the truck so we can take them home once we get set up again.  One or two more trips after that should make a nice mess at home to deal with!

We pulled into the campground a little before noon and set up.  We put everything I had already packed into the truck and brought it home.  I put it all away and we headed back to the park with my car.  Ted started finishing his washing job and I went inside and packed the rest of our clothes to bring home.  As I got everything out of an area I cleaned it well including changing the sheets so we are good to go next  time.  Last thing was the refrigerated and frozen food.  I hurriedly bagged it and headed for home.  I will clean the refrigerator and turn it off tomorrow morning when we put it away.  Ted finished up and came home a bit later.  We were too tired to put the rig away today and the spot is paid for so it will wait until morning.  It is clean inside and out!

It is so very hot that even our AC is struggling.   It takes until morning to finally shut down.  We are moving a fan around with us to keep cooler.  We had no trouble sleeping though because there is no  humidity in the house.

I was up early, handled the mail including printing out 16 pages to fill out for the doctor for my Tuesday appointment.  We had the trailer back in storage before 10:00.  Then I had to pick up the film of my bone density for the doctor.  My nails were in need of attention so I had them done and afterwards put most of our things away.  I have started a new pile on the twin bed for the cruise.  Sure hope I get everything done over the next two weeks!

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