Monday, August 3, 2015

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to the Factory We Go

Sunday dawned sunny and warmer than it had been since Tennessee.  We were hooked up and ready to roll at 10 a.m.  We took I-69 south to the Indiana tollway and headed west to Howe and the DRV factory parking lot.  We were the first of the three rigs with appointments to arrive.  We parked in the first spot which turned out to be a bad choice because the closeness of the metal building blocked our TV antenna so we had no TV all day or night.  Tom and Eileen continued on I-69 toward Fort Wayne and their factory in Decatur.

We were soon joined by another couple and a bit later, one more.  We tallked about what we all needed repairing, etc. and then we left for Walmart to return our Michiigan beer and soda cans over the Michigan state line.  I am glad we don't do that in Texas.  It is a pain to pay 10 cents a can extra and then have to return them to get your money back.  You break even but the store can resell all that aluminum to a recycler and keep the proceeds.  I doubt the plastic bottles are worth anything but I assume they get recycled too.  

We located a laundry for the next day and returned home to have dinner.  One of the others had put a four way splitter on the one faucet so we all had power and water.  The other two had 2 or 3 TV stations but try as we might, we got nothing!

There was a terrible storm around midnight that rocked the trailer with high winds and the rain, lightning and thunder woke us up.  We had to get up at 5:00 am so it was good we woke up to reset the alarm when the electric flickered off momentarily. 

Promptly at 6:00 am Fred arrived and went over our list.  He worked on our trailer last year so we were pleased to get him again.  We stayed in the Customer Lounge for awhile talking to a couple from Tomball!  I really liked them so we may see them again sometime.

Eventually we went to the Howe Diner for breakfast then went to the laundromat and did two weeks of laundry.  Then it was back to the Customer Lounge to wait.  At 1:00 Fred said he would be done by 2:30 quitting time.  I wasn't looking forward to another night with no TV.  We are equipped for Direct TV but we weren't camping in areas without TV so we didn't turn our service on this summer.

We went over the repairs he had done, the new shelves he added, etc.  We have an issue with a light over the counter.  There are three matching ones and one is broken.  They didn't have one that matched or three new matching ones so we are on the prowl for one or three!  Wish us luck.

We drove south to below Indianapolis for the evening.  We stayed hooked up and will pull out early in the morning and will stop in Missouri somewhere tomorrow afternoon.  Wednesday will get us into Texas and home on Thursday.  

We have 2.5 weeks to get ready for Florida but we have lots of ground to cover.  Chris won't mind going home for that time period because he knows he will be coming right back so he doesn't even have to take his stuff out of his bedroom!

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