Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Single Digits and Counting

I had to get up to eat breakfast to take my first two pills.  There was also the need to make a fruit salad for a funeral at church.  An old neighbor is back in town and there was a lunch planned so I proceeded over there after stopping by church knowing I had to be home by 1:00 because Company #2 was coming for the second estimate on the AC.  Ted announced when he got up that he had to go to the Chronicle today.  I guess that all transpired after I went to bed!  Busy days while we are home.  They are predicting 101 at 4 pm and rain at 7 pm.  It did rain for about a half hour last evening and it dropped from 103 to 89!

I had a nice visit with Ida and my other neighbors before hurrying home.  Ted was back so he dealt with the AC guy and I just listened in the background.  This guy was the Installer Manager and was way more knowledgeable.  Our master bath gets really warm and he offered a refiguring of ducting to get more air back there.  He pointed out we have the wrong kind of registers in our ceilings.  They blow  straight down and should be a 3-way that sends air in 3 directions.  Who knew?  I know it blows on me on the couch and people sitting under them when playing cards have mentioned it.  So Ted went to Lowe's and started changing out the 9 we have.  A few were the correct ones.  They are replacing our 4 ton, 10 seer with a 5 ton, 14 seer AC unit.  Bigger must be better.

I made parking reservations for the three cars at Port Canaveral.  On site is $125 a week per car, off site cost $173 for all the cars.  Ted, Larry and Bilł will drop us all off with our luggage and then park.  We will wait to board until the shuttle brings them back.

Yesterday I was giving my right side a trial by keeping my shift at the peanut butter cannery factory run by the Church of Latter Day Saints.  They send 100s of 1000s of jars of peanut butter to food banks, stricken areas and the Houston food bank each year.  We had to wear hairnets, aprons, long pant covers if we had on shorts or capris, plastic aprons and gloves.  They asked us to remove all jewelry too.  If we rotated positions we needed to change gloves.  If we went to the breakroom we had to wash to our elbows and put on a new apron and gloves.  Whew!   Lots to remember. At one point I picked a plastic jar off the floor and I had to change gloves.

First I put on and tightened lids that went to the spot checkers to be sure the aluminum inside the lid  had sealed on the jar.  That gave me a blister at the base of my thumb and after break I went to box loading.  We had a 5 person team and we were rocking it.  One lady pushed the jars off the line and I would sweep the first two to my partner.  She put them in her spot in the box.  I did the same with the next two always placing them the same.  I loaded the last two so she was free to grab the next empty box while I pushed the filled one to the box taper and swept the first two again to my partner.  The pallets were filling fast.  They said we made 6000 jars on our four hour shift.  I helped feed the empty jars into the filling machine for a little while but I am convinced my calling is in loading boxes!

My back/hip/butt/calf didn't bother me at all.  I am sure the prednisone helped a lot but I like to think God was looking out for me while I helped others.  This was a fun day and the hardest I have ever worked on a Forum project.  I told the leader this was a lot harder than serving lunch and playing bingo with seniors!

AC gets installed today.  Say a prayer they are able to lift the 36 inch box over the deck rail to get to the back.  Our opening is only 32 inches! 

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