Sunday, August 9, 2015

Two Weeks

We realized on Friday we only have two weeks until we leave again when Chris asked what day to return!  That is why I started putting our clothes together already.

There were a few stray items to deal with Saturday morning and then I left to get a hair cut.  It had been since mid-June since I had one and I was about to buy barrettes to pin it back!   Now I look and feel like a whole new person.

Despite doing two weeks of laundry in Howe the day they worked on our trailer, what accumulated on the way home, stripping the bed, what was left here in the hamper and the basket in our closet turned into four loads.  

I worked on that until it was time for church.  This was our first service with our new priest, Fr. Mike from Nigeria.  His English is very good but he recites the chapter and verse numbers of each of his comments which gets burdensome in the listening.  If it was Bible Study I could understand the need but talking on a subject with all those numbers thrown in makes it hard for me to follow his teaching.  I guess we will all adjust.

Immediately after church we headed to Wayne and Pam's to play cards.  The ladies had a table and so did the guys.  I had a Shanghai AND I won!  First time in awhile and this is the big dollar game, about $20 to the winner.  When we played with Tom and Eileen while traveling we just used pennies, more to keep track of how many times we bought a card.  We used the same pennies over and over.  Ted came in third he said after not getting down on one hand.  It was still in the 90s when we came home at 10 pm.

Ted went shooting and I finished up the laundry on Sunday, got the house all in order, cooked a roasting chicken and made a list of things I need to do tomorrow.  After dinner we went for an ice cream and to Walmart to buy a crockpot and new vacuum.  Isabelle is coming Friday to clean and my old one conked out last time she was here.  

Kroger sent out coupons so we headed there to use them and get what else we needed.  We saved $21!  And we have a 10 cent discount on fuel this month and next!  I used the leftover chicken to make a pot pie that we baked in the turkey roaster on the deck!  No way was I going to turn the oven on.

Today I saw the neurologist about my aches and pains.  He ordered spine and hip x-rays and ordered several medicines.  He also ordered physical therapy.  We dropped the prescriptions at Walmart, went across the street to the hospital for the x-rays, stopped at the center for the physical therapy to register and then back to pick up the prescriptions.  Just as an aside one was for a brand name that the doctor said to get the price on before ordering.  The price was $623, the generic was $300.  I told them the doctor said to call him for something else if I didn't want to pay that (who would?).  The replacement's cost - $1!!! That's right, a single dollar.  Being a better consumer of health care is a very real thing to consider.

We came home to meet with the AC people.  Ted wants to talk to another company before we make our decision on a new unit but hopefully we will get it replaced before we take off.  Chris isn't thrilled about dealing with less than totally comfortable digs and I don't blame him.  It isn't terrible inside but we are shut up like living in a cave and using overhead fans and an additional small one in the bedroom.  Of course he doesn't cook so no problem there.

It rained a bit just awhile ago.  The temperature went from 103 to 90.  A cool front!

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