Monday, March 31, 2014

A 64 Year Long Friendship

I picked up Donna at the airport late Thursday afternoon.  We came home to a nice dinner prepared by me and Ted.  I had done my preparation beforehand so things were ready quickly.  We had a nice evening of visiting before retiring for the night.

Since it is bluebonnet season, on Friday we chose to ride to Brenham to see how well the wildflowers were doing and to also visit the Blue Bell ice cream factory.  You can certainly tell spring break is in full swing by the crowds gathered at the visitor's center.  After checking tour times we had lunch at Volare's Italian restaurant and then returned for our tour.

Donna has been in food sales, mostly spices and oil for restaurants, so she was interested in the manufacturing process.  We all were interested in the free ice cream!  After we had finished our choice of flavors they came around with their newest flavor  - Butterfinger, my favorite candy bar.  I just had to help them with their market research.

There weren't as many flowers out as I had hoped for but that is probably due to the colder temps we have been having for the past six months.  When we came home we fixed a pizza and watched Saving Mr. Banks.  It was a very good movie and had a very interesting story line, not what we expected.

I decided we would stay around the area on Saturday so after a big breakfast we took the boat ride on the waterway to see the beautiful buildings, sculptures and landscaping mixed with lots of restaurants.  We shopped a bit before heading home to go to church.  Afterwards we had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Terry and Carol joined us and we all enjoyed the evening.  After dinner we traded cars so they have my 8 seater while their family is here and I will use their 5 seater.

I had emailed information on several area things worth seeing to Donna and she chose to visit the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station.  We stopped in Navasota at Martha's Bloomers Cafe for lunch before continuing on.  The library was interesting to me just as the Johnson Ranch and the Truman library were.  The bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes were plentiful and many cars were parked alongside the road for picture taking.

Ted was busy grilling steaks and baking potatoes for our dinner.  We had another nice dinner before we all collapsed on our respective sofas and chairs to watch Amazing Race and the Good Wife.  We were all very tired.

Today I took Donna to the Cheesecake Factory to meet a former fellow employee for lunch.  I declined to join them knowing they had business to discuss.  That gave me time to fuel up the car, grocery shop, empty the dishwasher and remake the bed when the dryer stopped.  When she called, the timing was such that I could pick her up and deliver her right to the airport.

It was a whirlwind weekend but we both enjoyed it immensely!  We aren't friends for all those years for nothing.
"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things." ~Author Unknown

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