Monday, March 3, 2014

Hitting the Road Tomorrow

After our last weekend in Florida, we are heading for home tomorrow.  We haven't been there since 12/26.  We plan to stop in Holt, FL and Breaux Bridge, LA before landing at a campground close to home so we can unload and clean up the trailer.  This new rig is tight as a drum when closed up.  We can reach the right side of the refrigerator and that's about it unless we run the slides out.  Our other ones gave us decent access to the bathroom and kitchen while closed up.  There are trade offs with everything.

Tom and Eileen came over Friday and we went back to Blue Spring.  After living in this area for 20 years they have never been to see the manatees.  

In the next photos look closely to see the baby manatee with its mother.  On the second one she is totally on her back.

We saw a good sized gator swimming in the spring but he was near the other bank and it wasn't possible to get a good shot.  While walking the boardwalk to the spring boil, we encountered this armadillo who was too busy rooting around to pay attention to us.  Most of the ones I see in Texas are road kill. 

Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant and then back to the campground.  It was ice cream social and bingo night so Eileen, Ted and I had a scoop of ice cream but only we wanted to stay for bingo so they headed home.  It is almost an hour and a half to their new home and it was already 7:30.  Anyway, we didn't win at bingo!

On Saturday we came to Kristin's to see them open the gifts and envelopes we had brought from the reception.  The lady who had looked at the house called and asked if she could bring her husband by.  She was at her friend's house down the street.  We waited two hours, her car was still there and we all just decided not to wait any longer.  How long can it take to finish a beer?

There was an 800 person half marathon starting at our park gates on Sunday morning.  And of course that was the day we had to be in Port Canaveral by 9:00.  We left at 6:30 and still had to dodge people, orange cones, and drive on the wrong side to get out of the area.  We stopped on I-95 and had breakfast and waited for a call that Karen and Ron had gotten off the ship.  It took three attempts to get where we needed to be which turned out to be through a garage, into their long term parking lot inside a fence.  Of course Karen's description of "we are near the back of the ship" when they were actually mid ship under the name, "we are in the black fenced area" when the entire port is surrounded by black fence and "we are in front of a parking garage" when there are two parking structures, didn't help.  When we finally located them we were told we couldn't load them there and we needed to go through the garage, pull a ticket, load them and leave.  No charge.  Whew!

We brought them back to our campground where our truck was and they left from here but not before we all attended church at 11 o'clock.  They were supposed to go to St. Augustine but decided not to and drove into Georgia heading home.  I think 80 degrees and sunny here sounds better than 14 and snow at home but that's just me!

Today we are battening down the hatches.  Ted checked tires and lug nuts and emptied tanks.  I did a load of laundry at Kristin's and we both got our passport photo taken.  We need to renew before our August trip.  One more thing to put together as soon as we get home.  

See y'all soon!

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